Melissa Maddonni Haims’ “Offering” Brings Fiber Art Back to 3rd Street Gallery

A beautiful memorial! Reminded me of my cousin who was killed by a drunken, unlicensed 19 year old who was evading arrest. I wasn’t close to her, but am close to her mother. The driver got less than 2 years!
But this art piece is stunning and worth checking out.


Last Friday evening, fiber and mixed media artist Melissa Maddonni Haims invited me to the opening of her new installation and performance piece at Old City Philadelphia’s 3rd Street Gallery. I was so honored to meet Ms. Haims in-person and freely discuss her creative process, which was first introduced on artdoesmatter last April, during Philadelphia’s city-wide FiberPhiladelphia biennial.

Offering is a site specific performance and installation piece that was conceived by Haims last summer of 2012, after the tragic passing of her childhood friend of twenty-six years, who was killed instantly by a drunk driver at only age thirty-nine. Haims was extremely forthcoming and moving as she recounted her experiences during this past year as she retraced the steps of her friend’s life, revisiting and photographing the places where her friend lived and worked. Haims has woven a montage of “stones” from crocheted yarn, meticulously created in memory of her…

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5 thoughts on “Melissa Maddonni Haims’ “Offering” Brings Fiber Art Back to 3rd Street Gallery

    • You are welcome! I find the whole concept inspiring; a similar work could celebrate a living person’s achievements, or each piece coukd represent one of a group (friends, family, activists, etc.). No end to creativity, is there?

    • I loved the artwork first; then I read why it was done and it touched me. A cousin I wasn’t close to was killed by a drunk driver two years ago yesterday and she, and her Mum (who I am close to) have been on my mind. So it was especially evocative for me. But it would apply for anyone who’s experienced grief, I think.

      I also thought it would make a great tribute to someone still living, say for a milestone birthday or anniversary, or for some service they perform.

      And I have always thought that art matters; without it, the world is just black and white in rows of numbers . . . although that can be art, too, I suppose. 🙂

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