How many are ‘too much’?

Nope, I haven’t finished the Mystery project/s, the quilt top, the dolls . . .

But I have started yet another shawl . . . I’ve wanted to learn a faster way of knitting for years, as I’m a ‘drop n throw’ knitter. I’ve often regretted resisting my poor Mum’s efforts to teach me how to hold the yarn properly (well, one of the ways).

A couple of days ago I found excellent directions on how to knit Continental style and that lovely and simple pattern for the garter stitch shawl. I was lucky enough to remember where my stash of Decor yarn was, too (the Country Blues in three shades; pale, plain and rich).

So I began. Sounds simple, right? No, in my idiot creative mood, I decided I wanted two rows of holes near the middle and I wanted three stitches in between them . . .

I must have begun this thing half a dozen times or more, several times getting to where it is now, then ripping it out; sometimes a few rows, other times to the beginning.

Slightly frustrating . . .

So I ripped it out one last time (and no, there are no photos) :-/

This time I began as instructed (miracle!); I decided to stay wuth my own idea of three stitches in the centre, though; I like the look of open, lacy holes, so I want a stronger ‘spine’ to support them.

I’m already getting faster, which is what I really wanted from this project 🙂 In less than three hours, I am here:

20130520-141721.jpg You can see a slight imperfection at the centre bottom, where I switched from one centre stitch to three. But that’s at the back of my neck, so I’m not ripping it out again! Instead, I may leave it as is (my hair will cover it) or else make a collar so I can fasten it at my throat in front. Shawls do slip, and I like to wear ’em for walking as well as sitting . . .

In the old days, women often wore a belt and crossed the ends of tbeir shawl in front, then tucked them in the belt to anchor them. Left their hands free to work . . .


4 thoughts on “How many are ‘too much’?

  1. This looks wonderful Linnie :). What with Earl “helping” me I am going to attempt to make some long fingerless mitts today when I get back in from morning tea…I forgot how to be “human” so this is going to be an intersting exercise in remembering how to lift up my pinky finger and not slurp when I drink (foolish new neighbours! 😉 )

    • I want photos! Pretty please?

      I know what you mean about ‘human’ . . . Living alone and esp. eating alone have turned me into a real misfit ;-(

      Not eating at a table (mine used to hold all my plants near the only possible window and Mum’s holds her stuff and just enough space for her to eat, so I’ve been eating at my computer (in my old apt) and now on the couch . . .

      Good luck with your pinky! When I come visit, I expect a real tea party, you know . . . (note to self: pack long tea dress!) 😉

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