Lovely Weather!

I went out on the balcony for the broom and was greeted by this:

20130520-144103.jpg My phone says it’s 20C, but there’s a slight breeze and the sky is Scottish Misting, so it’s deliciously cool. Good thing it’s so noisy, or I’d be out here for the rest of the day . . .

Thought you all deserve to hear something other than me whinging on about “Too Cold; Too Hot” 😉

I’m hoping for a nice, flashy thunderstorm . . . have a great day, everyone! and thanks to my friends downunder for the gorgeous mist and temperature 🙂


21 thoughts on “Lovely Weather!

  1. You are always welcome downunder if you decide to travel! Come to the good part though! (Victoria) 🙂

    • Thanks very much! Rabid and Kymmie live there, too. I’d love to meet all of you . . . and then there’s Tas and NZ . . . what a trip that would be, eh? 🙂

      • Yes. You are talking of the “heart” of Aussieland. Definitely worth a visit. Tassie is an incredible place too. Unique and beautiful.

      • Narf7’s and Pommepal’s pictures share that beauty, don’t they?

        No telling what lies ahead, of course, but I keep a long trip in mind . . .

    • Pretty horrible, isn’t it? I can’t imagine a tornado nearly 2 miles wide! We had one here a few years ago; tore up a campground; another, before I moved, hit a large trailer park. But nothing on this scale! I sure feel for all the people everywhere dealing with these disasters . . .

      • We get cyclones here (the reverse of hurricanes… when I say “reverse” I mean it! It’s like they run the other way 😉 ) but very rarely any form of tornado aside from small dust storms. When I lived in Western Australia on the coast we would get the odd water spout and one day I was in a church hall teaching how to fake leadlight glass and we heard an almighty noise, all the lights went out and it was suddenly dark! We all raced out and a water spout had gone down between the church building that we were in and the house next door, neatly taking out the entire fence on the way with no damage to either residence! The fence was found along with a car, a couple of sheds and some other stolen loot on a farm a couple of miles away…nature sometimes has a real impetus to get things done doesn’t she! 😉

      • I’d forgotten cyclones run opposite to tornadoes . . .

        That’s an incredible story! How lucky for everyone; and easier to replace a fence than a building . . . glad you’re still here 🙂

        You will have to explain ‘fake leadlight’ sometime . . .

      • Like a plastic see through paint that you can apply directly to windows or glassware. I don’t do it any more ;). The real thing is so much more satisfying 🙂

      • I know what you mean, Narfie7; we sold that at Lewiscraft. Forget the brand name now . . . my Dad taught himself to do real stained glass after he retired; I’ll have to post pics of what is still here.

        Do you do stained glass in your ‘spare time’? 😉

      • I would LOVE to see your dads stained glass :). I can’t afford to do it now. Glass is SO expensive, but I do have the equipment (the basic stuff).

    • In my dreams . . . 🙂 Nope, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for now. I was born in Abbotsford, BC and while we lived in the Interior of BC from when I was 7 to when was 19 and left for uni, I spent most of my adult life (before coming here for 4 months back in ’99!!) on the coast. Victoria and surrounding areas, South Pender Island, Ladysmith, Duncan, Sooke (not in that order lol). Haven’t been off the N.A. continent yet, but maybe one day . . .

      • Probably my use of “Scottish Misting” threw you off . . . I am of Norwegian (maternal grandparents) and German Mennonite (my Dad was born on a communal farm in Russia, but they emigrated to Canada the next year on the other side) descent. But my sons’ paternal Grandfather is from Scotland and I’ve had a strong interest since I was very young, more in the old days and ways than modern, esp. crofters and their lives.

      • Yes, i can see why the old ways and times would appeal, does to me too. Always loved historical books of that nature.
        My ancestors were German Quakers and Irish brothel owners 🙂

      • Now that’s an interesting combination! 🙂 I love historical books, too and most when they talk about everyday life; what people wear, eat, etc.

        I read Fox’s writings years ago; they drew me to attend Quaker Meeting for some time at two different points in my life. A very interesting book I read a coupke of years ago was written by a Quaker Buddhist . . . no conflict, as Buddhism is a way of living, not a religion.

      • I had akways thought Buddhism was a religion, but apparently not; so no conflict. And I agree; the two complement each other.

        I tried to find the name of a book I read a couple of years ago, but no luck so far.

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