Growing your own groceries – our meals

Probably preaching to the converted, but a great story, anyway. And check out her latest post, too! ~ Linne


It’s hard times out there for many and people are really struggling to cover just their basic needs. My blog (even though it hasn’t been going long) has been about our need to grow our own food….if there was one big thing we could do to make things better for ourselves it was this. We put in a smallish vege garden the first summer that just grew every year and last spring we gave ourselves the challenge of attempting to grow enough to feed the two of us for a year and, do it well. We enjoy our food and are reasonably health conscious.

I just want to show in photos a sample of what our meals have been like this year, mostly from the garden….and grown as cheaply as possible. I truly believe this is an achievable option for people who may be going through hard times.



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3 thoughts on “Growing your own groceries – our meals

  1. I can’t read it here Linnie! I have to read it when I get to it in my RSS Feed…she is going to have to wait her turn! ;). You are lucky, you are right up the top in “A” 😉

      • I don’t know what happened when I re-blogged this; on my phone, it looks like two of my own photos somehow were included . . . but I re-blogged from Mum’s computer . . .

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