The Word for Wednesday is . . .

. . . Underground!
Many of us are part of an information underground, whether consciously or not, and many of us are part of an action underground, making choices in our lives so that we contribute to this planet’s healing and growth (and thus humanity’s, too); but only some of us are aware of the underground life forms that supports all life: the Ectomycorrhizal webs (the original ‘world-wide web’) and their hyphae.

If this is all Greek to you (and maybe if it isn’t), check out these links . . . Ents, Truffles and Flying Squirrels; who knew? (well, I didn’t know much of this . . . until recently)

. . . and when you are done, you will want to google ‘Hugelkultur’ and that may change your life . . .

Flying Squirrels and Truffles: Who Knew?


Climate Change and Tree Migration:

The world’s largest organism?
. . . and . . .

The relationship between trees, soil fertility and nutrient levels of crops:

Underground Connections and the Effects of Pollution:

Click to access kppcont_064013.pdf


14 thoughts on “The Word for Wednesday is . . .

    • Yes, one way or another, we do. Except maybe for those whose ashes are shut up in an urn for ever and ever. And even then . . .

      I want mine to meld with the underground web one day (or webs) πŸ˜‰ I like to think of how all the webs are connected and so one day, my ashes will be one with the ashes of all who have gone before me . . . I don’t think I was ever aware of exactly how much life was underground, ’til I started eavesdropping on the conversations between rabid and narf7; they just drew me into their own amazing web and here we all are . . . and there our bodies will be . . . love that thought!

  1. I dunno Narf7. Stephen King’s It affected me deeply. I’ve not read the book ut watching the film again recently had me shaking in my boots til the “real” monster appeared. Then I started laughing. How far have special effects come. Pennywise however still freaks me out.

    I shall follow the links when I have a chance (still to read my linky love email) but reading about the interweb and connections brings instantly to mind the movie Avatar. Oh how I wish Pandora was real (although never raped by humans as in the film) as that would be a truly wonderful sight to see. If only we could connect in as easily as they do but then again if we could would we?

    • Thank you! I never heard of it ’til ‘meeting’ rabid little hippy and Narf7. I have a lot to learn, although my instincts were already leaning quite far in that direction . . .

      You’d best thank them . . .

      The third food story in Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” tells of a family who reclaimed a huge tract of waste land in Virginia (West Virginia?) in the USA. Their methods are so inspiring! Excellent book, informative and entertaining.

      • Yup…I plan on making it a little bit harder for my fungal mates to “assimilate” with me (not being of the “Borg” confraternity and all…) by being baked at an extremely high temperature and then being reduced to so much dust…fungi need moisture to get going and they might just have to stay in spore form till I get planted underneath a nut tree…might get the kids to introduce truffle spores along with me! Hows THAT for a great idea? I can be remembered as “One classy dame” πŸ˜‰

      • I read Edgar Allan Poe when I was young; baking is definitely on my agenda, too πŸ™‚

        You may think it macabre, but I was thinking the other day of where I’d like those ashes to end up and one thought I had was to have small vials mailed to various friends to put in their garden, near a favourite walk or tree, etc. But I haven’t decided yet . . .

        Love your truffle idea πŸ™‚
        You are definitely one Classy Dame!!

        as to the Borg, what you don’t know . . . πŸ˜‰

      • My sister refused to let mum move to Serendipity Farm and be buried under an ash tree so she languishes on my sisters sideboard in a garish Indian urn that my sister bought…she has promised to take her to the U.K. to be scattered where my grandma is scattered but that looks like taking a HECK of a long time…might just pinch her when I next go to visit and fill up that hideous urn with sherbet…she will NEVER notice πŸ˜‰

      • . . . or pinch a bit (half, maybe?); I can’t believe it matters if the ashes are divided, since once they meld with the web, they are scattered anyway. I have a story about that for the other blog, when I find time. ~ Linne

    • Which story? Good or gruesome? Someone recommended ‘Cujo’ to me aeons ago; I started it, didn’t get far and suffered permanent psychological damage . . .

      • Nah…this one was about a man that lived alone and that slowly turned into a plant thanks to some sort of alien invasion. It was a short story. I love Stephen King but he wrote some truly terrifying stories in his heyday! I was predominately affected by “It” when I read it. I much prefer reading his books to watching his schlock-horror movies, too tacky for me πŸ˜‰

      • Well, I’m likely not going there . . . but I said worse about punk rock, then years later, thanks to serendipitous synchronicity, I discovered the Pogues . . . so I try not to use absolutes like ‘never’ . . . πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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