Cheese making classes (NZ)

Sometimes it’s good to get in the whey . . .

Because life is for the living..

Some of you may recall I once blogged about attending some cooking classes in Wellington. These were held by a fabulously talented lady called Mindi.. So tis fair to say when I saw the brand namecurious cook”  advertising some well-priced cheese making classes, I leapt at the chance to go there as I knew it was something she was involved in!

And so it was that I found myself up to my wrists in curds (and whey – but no spiders, phew!) over the weekend ..

The venue was a place I’ve been to before, Asiana Cooking school. I don’t know that the classroom set up was ideal for a demonstration (I was doing two things – a demo and then a hands on class) but the tutor tried her best in a sub-optimal setting for such a thing.

If I was to be super critical, I’d…

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