Friday Faves, May 24

For those of you indoors today while the rain works its magic . . . I was honoured to be included in this post. Check out the rest of the fascinating company . . . feed them RSS readers! They are hungry . . . 🙂

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves, May 24

  1. Mine isn’t hungry, it has taken on other forms and is feeding itself! With 150+ posts a day to wade through methinks I don’t need to add any more Linnie 😉

    • I sympathize! I’m having trouble reading, never mind commenting! So if you’re short on time, please know I’m not offended if you don’t reply to me (or even if you have to skip a few posts). Just don’t drop out of sight altogether, ok? As I said to Earl, ‘don’t make me come down there’ . . . 😉

      • I appreciate that, Narfie7! You’re on mine, too . . .

        Just wanted you to know that I’d understand if you didn’t have time. It can happen . . .

      • My A-list, I meant. My wordpress feed reader posts in date/time order, not alphabetically, or you’d be one of the last, after rabid. 😉

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