World Bank and things to think about . . .

You may already know of all this, but if not, it’s worth knowing; in order to be alert to our own security when it comes to water and other rights; things we may never have thought it possible to lose. I looked up this story in order to reference it to an online discussion group of which I’m a member and on this page found more information than I’ve ever had before.

It’s a good example of what happens when people stand together and don’t stand for what’s handed out to them. Share it if you think it useful to your readers.  ~ Linne


6 thoughts on “World Bank and things to think about . . .

    • Thanks, Stacy! I think these things need to be both known and shared, if we are to improve conditions here on Earth. I have another link to post in a few minutes, too. Feel free to pass any of this on, too. ~ Linne

    • Thanks a lot, rabid. I’m posting another link in a minute. I’ve been busy here and then I had a long nap this afternoon (needed it, too!), so haven’t even started a post yet.

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