Handwork . . .

More on that plain garter stitch shawl I set out to make on the 20th of May . . .


Yesterday afternoon:


Here’s a closeup of the centre back bottom corner, showing the new band of Rich Country Blue just started.

Progress may seem slower, but that’s because I’m adding four stitches every other row. Amazing how fast that adds up!!

Remember, too, those are 29″ needles and I’m going to have to get a couple more soon . . .


21 thoughts on “Handwork . . .

  1. Beautiful work on a beautiful shawl Linnie, I am going to have to hunt down one of those blogging awards for “Quickest Crafter” or something along those lines :). You beat the heck out of me but I AM unpicking some amazingly bright coloured socks supposedly made by Nepalese (although my money is on their close relatives “Chinese” 😉 ) that my son bought for me because he loves to indulge his aging hippy mother (it means there might be hope for his accountant heart yet! 😉 ) and that Earl took a particular shine to and decided to nibble twin holes in both slipper boots…sigh…so now I am piecing together wool, unravelling feet (it’s taking HOURS!) for some amazing dyed wool and I am going to knit those bright rainbow coloured gauntlets out of them. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose! All thanks to being enthused to do so by yours truly 🙂

    • That “socks-to-gauntlets” project sounds fantastic (if only it didn’t mean that Earl had been self-indulgent again).

      All of my readers would beat me hollow for speed in the ‘normal’ way of things (saw a recent cartoon: little girl says to her Mum, “Mum, what’s ‘normal’?” Mum replies, “It’s a setting on the dryer, darling.”)

      I spend most of each day sitting with my Aunty, chatting, watching news or sports (currently the Stanley Cup pkayoffs; after that, football, US style) on tv. I can’t just sit, so I like to keep my hands busy. Hence all the handstitching, crochet and knitting.

      I like to do lots of different things, but not all fit into my current schedule. Later, I expect to do more art and the like.

      My friend A works in accounting. When she did the Keirsey test I posted about a while ago, her results said that people with her level of attention to detail (I’m paraphrasing what she told me) are suited to many creative careers, but because their results are more balanced, often end up in accounting. Interesting, eh?

      So . . . I’m glad to be of service 🙂 I do love to inspire!

      Wonder if soaking a pair of old socks with some hot sauce would make Earl think twice . . . unless you’re willing to sacrifice to the God on a regular basis 😉

      • I officially HATE wordpress…I know I shouldn’t have trusted them to let me post here in the comment box as I keep losing my posts but they ate my comment AGAIN! That’s fool me once, twice and about 26 times WordPress…consider me your mortal enemy! I was commenting about how Earl loves hotsauce, he hasn’t walked in 2 days and is probably going to eat the furniture tonight and how my son is incredibly inventive and creative and intelligent and all crammed into an accountants body (like Clark Kent and superman all rolled up into one). I am going to send this now or WordPress is going to kick my arse!

      • That happened to me, too, often!!
        Now I ‘copy’ before I try to post . . .

        Mostly, it’s been on my phone, which is most annoying, as I type many of my posts and most of my replies with a stylus . . .

        No idea why that happens, either. 😦

      • Earl is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, etc. I will love him, I know . . . but I think I’ll stick with collie types for myself . . . like me, they are responsive, adaptive and generally eager to please . . . 😉

      • Earl is very easy to please, loves EVERYONE BUT has a wild side to him that is unfathomable. The closest thing to living with a wild dog I could imagine. We are sent what we need in life…we apparently need Earl! 😉

      • They say that children get their intelligence from their mothers…mine “took” my intelligence and left me with a 3/4 empty brain! 😉

      • I think they clone our intelligence and dealing with them multiplies our original intelligence! If they want more, let ’em have kids of their own, I say . . . 😉

      • Not so sure about your interpretation Linnie, I see it as each one you have takes 1/4 of your brain cells. Only fair really…so I decided to stop at 3 as I quite like a few sparce brain cells floating around in all that grey matter…my theory is proven when you see people have 4 kids and then BAM they suddenly have 10. No reasoning power left!

      • I know what you mean, but you haven’t met my Mum! My parents set out to have a large family and had nine of us and Mum is still the smartest of us all! That’s why I think the kids clone our brain cells . . . 😉

    • Well, I’ve been knitting since I was nine (not so much in my teen years, but began again when I was expecting my oldest boy, in my early twenties). Holding the yarn in my left hand, continental style, has increased my speed quite a bit, too.

      Starting too many projects is the main reason I haven’t finished as much work as I’d like (and is also why I’m not a master of any one skill . . .)

      • I hold the yarn continental style, too – I think because that’s how I learned to hold it to crochet. ❤

      • I never thought of that! I hold it that way to crochet, too, but always knitted with the ‘drop and throw’ method. I was a bit lazy as a child, I think. Well, still am, in some ways . . .

    • Thanks! . . . and thanks to the iPhone; it hides a multitude of imperfections 🙂

      My tension is generally good, but in working to increase my speed, I also make mistakes. But the shawl will keep me warm and the next one will be an improvement . . . I hope!

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