On a happier note . . .

This seems to be the only piece of Dad’s work that isn’t either packed up or at my sister’s place. Much was given away or sold years ago.

20130525-230744.jpg This lampshade is Dad’s own design, I think. Will have to check with Mum tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “On a happier note . . .

    • yeah, my Dad did some great work. He inherited his designer genes, too; I’ll have to take some pics of the lovely chest his father made for my Mum as a wedding gift; he made one for my Auntie Alida (Mum’s next older sister), too (she married my Dad’s next older brother). Grandpa carved the whole thing of cedar with a pocket knife! It’s lovely; I was so pleased when Dad told my Mum before he died that he wanted me to have it . . . one day, but I hope not too soon.

  1. It’s lovely Linnie! Your dad was a clever man. He knew when to stop and didn’t gild the lily which so many stained glass artists tend to do and end up with something gaudy. Its simple and fundamental and I LOVE IT! You definately come from a talented family girl 🙂

    • Thanks, Narfie7! I’ve been very lucky to have the upbringing and examples I’ve had.

      I’m a big fan of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement, including the stained glass designs from that era. I lived in houses influenced by A&C when I was growing up; marked me for life . . . 🙂

      • I think my upbringing might have scared me for life but I am too busy living my life today to be thinking about it much 😉

      • I finally realized that we all have ‘stuff’; who cares??? You are SO right; the main thing is to get on with living! (and fix stuff as it comes up, if it interferes with enjoyment of said life for all concerned . . .)

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