Water . . . who owns it? You may be surprised . . .

So here’s another scary link:


I’m feeling more and more that we all need to stand together, in our own communities, but also across the globe. Sociopaths (and that’s what they are, so far as I can see) must not be allowed to run the world. You might as well hand a five year old a loaded gun and let them run your home . . . oh, wait . . . that’s been done, hasn’t it?

A happier post later, I promise . . .


21 thoughts on “Water . . . who owns it? You may be surprised . . .

  1. He also loaned me quite a few copies of Grassroots magazine, a hippy magazine based on early Permaculture and organic living founded in the late 70’s that is a wealth of knowledge. One of the articles in it shows how to make your own ferocement rainwater tanks…might be something Steve and I could attain a LOT quicker than saving up the readies for a pre-made plastic one! “To the hardware shop Stevieboy!” Here’s a FB linky for Grassroots mag if you are interested Linnie πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for the link – I’ll be checking it out.

      Check if your library has a copy of “Living the Good Life” by Helen and Scott Nearing; it tells their method for building with stone (including a tall wall around a HUGE garden!); involves wooden forms, placing rocks inside (saves on cost of cement and uses up rock), then pouring cement over. After cement sets up, raising the forms and repeating. A water tank would be an ideal project to see if this method’s for you. They built with stone ’til into their 70s and 90s, respectively.

      • I tried to find it when you last told me about it but our library doesn’t have it :(. We miss out on a lot of things that you guys have over there simply because we are foreigners πŸ˜‰

    • I’m yet to be convinced of the safety of plastic to hold food and water, as well, ever since two women researchers discovered that some plastics accelerate growth of breast cancer cells.

      • My head hurts . . .

        I used to drink right out of streams and brooks in BC; now, thanks to ‘beaver fever’ everywhere, I wouldn’t dare. I know we have to think about all these things, but I resent having to do so . . .

        Ok, whinge over πŸ˜‰

        No idea about ferrocement; will have to Google . . . not a perfect answer, but a start.

        Wish I felt more trusting . . .

      • I think we just have to trust sometimes, just make sure to take a GOOD look at things before you jump in with both feet…I tend to stick one foot in and if a shark/crocodile/alligator/Earl doesn’t take off that leg, I tentitively step in…I would rather have 1 leg and have at least tried than both my legs and forever miss out but in saying that, there is the option of NO legs for the fools that rush in where angels fear to tread. I think that Earl is the reincarnation of a 19 year old French Base Jumper to be honest! πŸ˜‰

      • Love Earl!!
        My motto for some years (even on my business cards) was “jump . . . and the net will appear”

        I was always like that, even though I seem to many to play things very safe; I have to find time to share more stories . . .

      • I am naturally trusting, but try to remember there are predators out there. I wouldn’t be walking up to a lion thinking I could sweet talk him into letting me by (tried that on a HUGE fierce G. Shepherd dog, chained, big sign warning to beware of dog, dog crouching, lunging and snarling; got my only dog bite for my pains . . . an ‘slightly’ more careful these days!)

        Big business is mostly predatory in nature, so I try to keep that in mind . . .

      • It depends on the lion/German Shephard and all things in life need to be measured as you approach them…NOTHING is the same ;). Remember the “don’t assume…it makes an ass our of “u” and “me”? That’s my motto…haven’t learned anything so far but its still my motto! ;). You would get on with Mike, he trusts everyone and got right royally fleaced in the process of all of the money that he got from his accident payout from the Armed Forces in the U.S. He hightailed his Californian hippy ass down here to sunny Tasmania (told you he was crazy!) and here he lives in his little house around the corner from here waiting for aliens to come and liberate him πŸ˜‰

      • Mike sounds like a cool guy; you could do worse for friends . . . πŸ™‚
        I think he was smart to find a place right near you . . .

  2. Our crazy old American hippy friend (Male…) who we love dearly just gave us an extended loaner on a small rainwater tank. Steve just cut a hole for it in the guttering and is going to buy the necessary plumbing in stuff from the hardware store today. We have rain forecaste for Thursday so we might be drinking tea made with the “good stuff” by Friday πŸ™‚ “Cheers Mike!” πŸ™‚

    • Me, too! And more often as I watch the news. Our government makes me cringe . . . destroying nearly all the laws that have protected our waterways for well over a century . . . I won’t go on; that’s just the tip of one of many icebergs . . .

  3. ah yes. There are people who do not possess a conscience. Fortunately they are in the minority. Unfortunately people with a conscience often automatically think everyone is like them. I propose leaders are given a “do you possess a conscience” test before they are allowed to rule, Too simplistic? Perhaps, but then I grew up reading Kurt Vonnegut who manages to cut cut through the excreta and come up with some very interesting proposed solutions. πŸ™‚

    • I grew up reading Vonnegut, too; might be time to re-visit him . . .

      I’m beginning to see how people with low empathy and the like are often sociopaths; they cannot understand the value of acting for the good of all. It’s no co-incidence, I think, that I’m now seeing articles stating that very successful business people have much the same profile as sociopaths.

      There are tests (like the StrengthsFinder assessment) that show this; I’m not sure if they can be ‘fooled’ or not.

      We do need something.

      Did you ever read a short story called “Rule Golden”? Aliens came and did something so that humans would instantly feel exactly what they did to others (punch someone and break their jaw; feel their pain). Humanity evolved very quickly after that πŸ™‚

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