Something to share with you . . .

I bought two hibiscus plants back in the early ’90s. Can’t remenber what happened to the yellow one, but I still have the red one. Today I came upstairs to find this . . .




Those are all of the only bloom so far; from the back, side and finally the front. Lovely, no?


6 thoughts on “Something to share with you . . .

  1. I also didn’t know you could root hibiscus, and I certainly never knew they would grow indoors. Hibiscus grows very easily in cape town, so much so that i think people think they are indigenous. There are three outside my window that I can see right now, 2 pink and 1 red, about 2.5 metres high, and still green and flowering despite the season. (I hope your one doesn’t grow that big, heh)

    • Lucky you, having such large ones so near! I’d be happy if mine grew that large, if I owned a place with a tall enough ceiling to hold it; maybe an old-fashioned solarium? πŸ™‚ I’d like to grow enough to make hibiscus tea, but I doubt I ever will; too easy to just buy the tea . . .

  2. Mum had hibiscus that she took cuttings from and started all over again every single time she moved. She did the same with her foundation roses as well. You might be forced into a new start that isn’t your choice but you can bloody well take a bit of your old home with you! Hermit crabs RULE! πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t realize you could start new hibiscus plants . . . gotta read up on that! And you are SO right; I take as much of my old home/s with me as possible. Love that hermit crab image; I’m crabby, all right (well, not ALL the time!) πŸ˜‰

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