4 thoughts on “Link for “Change the World Wednesday”

  1. When I think of groups I am drawn to thinking about when communities all pull together to help each other out in times of need. They might not know their neighbours but they are willing to do what it takes to knit that community back together. The value of pre-existing community that works together is that the period of time it takes to get stuck in is less…everyone feels like they belong and it is part of their ethos to help their neighbours and friends. We have a lot of little communities here in Tasmania. It’s an island with a population of just over 200 000. Not a lot and “the natives” are used to helping each other out. Generosity breeds generosity and what makes it all work is that magic give and take that feeds a sense of purpose. I read that article and my feelings are that when a group of people get together than can inject a degree of change that is manifestly bigger than a few individuals. The reasons are both obvious (the amount of people making it take less and being able to do more in a sorter time) and intangable (the way a group of people are able to buoy each other and get much more done than it would have been possible if all of them worked individually). We have Permablitzes here in Australia. A group of people donate their time and labour to totally transform each others gardens. Designers donate their time gratis in return for having their own gardens transformed…everyone works together knowing that eventually their own garden is going to be included in the list. It’s a win-win situation and a really good example of community being able to attain something magnificent that a couple of individuals may be able to do in a lot more time BUT the biggest killer of aspirations would have to be procrastination and that’s out of the equation when a large group of permies decends on your garden and starts merrily reconstituting it ;).

    • Nice size for a community, I think. Edmonton has well over 800,000. Greater Victoria (BC) has nearly 345,000. Falkland has about 2,500 people. That’s in the area I was originally hoping to settle. We’ll have to see . . . I was told the Hell’s Angels are moving in and that there are now meth and crack labs in various spots. Don’t know how true it is, though. The Permablitzes sound interesting. I wouldn’t mind taking part, but I like doing my own thing too much to give anyone else free rein 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting the link to our Challenge … and, more importantly, for accepting it yourself. 🙂 I like your comments on Living Simply Free … so often green living is about balance and making small changes. Taking the bus or walking … and eating some meatless meals … go a long ways in helping our planet. If everyone did the same … our earth would be so much healthier. Thanks again … and welcome to our CTWW group.

    • Thank you! I’ve been making small changes all my life; now, with the ‘net giving us a way to reach like minds all over, we can support each other more effectively and get others started thinking, then acting. Most of my followers are far ahead of me when it comes to implementing change . . . which gives me hope.

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