Breaking Free of the Supermarket Mentality with a Milky Challenge

Some of you will have seen this already, but it’s worth another re-blog, I think. Worth thinking about, for sure. ~ Linne

6 thoughts on “Breaking Free of the Supermarket Mentality with a Milky Challenge

    • Thought you’d like that! I wish there were more choices here, but without a vehicle, it’s just too far and time-consuming. But there is hope . . . I just heard that Sobey’s (a Canadian grocery chain!!) has bought up all the Safeway stores in Canada and will be upgrading them to Sobey’s standards. Whether that means our grocery bill will go up remains to be seen . . . but at least the quality and choice will improve. I honestly never thought I’d see this happen 🙂

      • I agree; if necessary, once Sobey’s is in place, I will cut down on how often I buy anything that goes up in price. I’m pretty good at stretching my food dollars. 🙂

      • I plan on growing so much more of what we eat now in our garden this year. We will get another 2 sides up today. Its a bit hard having to juggle studies and working on the garden as our lecturer sets a fast pace but we are up for it 🙂

      • So nice to be young!! 😉 But I can’t complain; I’d have more energy if I walked more, at least. I can’t believe how fast that netting is going up! Looking forward to more pictures . . . ~ Linne

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