Tonight, We Make Soap

For those of you who like making soap or plan to try it one day . . .
~ Linne

Squirrel Picnic

Tonight We Make Soap

The first rule of Squirrel Club is you do not talk about Squirrel Club. Yeah, who are we kidding? Squirrel Picnic is nothing like Fight Club, but we do make soap. In case you ever wondered how it’s made, here’s a quick overview.

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6 thoughts on “Tonight, We Make Soap

      • Is there a community space nearby that you could utilise? We have a long standing womens group here called “The Country Women’s Association” (C.W.A. for short) that always have a hall or building that women can use. You can join them and they do all sorts of charity work for familes in the country along with fundraising via cake stalls etc but the most interesting thing is that they always have a commercial grade kitchen that they allow people to use whenever they like. I haven’t found the group here in Tassie but belonged to them in Western Australia. They also have extremely cheap holiday houses available to members (for $60 a week) in some of the top holiday destinations but you have to book well in advance ;). Here we have community houses and mens sheds to give community members a place to do what they want to do. I am thinking about running classes for people who want to learn how to cook without dairy and eggs. Perhaps grain free as well (although I have only been gluten free since January so would have to bone up on my recipes). I love that crafters can get together and have little group meetings for free. You should check out and see if any local “space” is there for your requirements. You might be surprised at what you find 🙂

      • I’m not sure about community spaces near here. And I rarely take much time away, as I want to be available in case of emergency. Plus when I stay at my Aunty’s I go upstairs for a rest, then to the grocery store if needed; otherwise, I’m in the building. Today I get groceries, hit the library and do a couple loads of laundry (well, I might do that tomorrow so I can do my Aunty’s stuff as well). Tomorrow I’m back downstairs ’til the following Tuesday evening.

        I know the CWA!! They are a sister organization to the Women’s Institute; Mum was a member for many years, held many offices and worked up to be the Provincial Publicity Convenor for BC. I was a member for over a year, but felt very self-conscious due to not having the sort of clothes they wore. They weren’t fancy at all, but we were broke, with a son in a heavy music program that would have cost more than our monthly income if he hadn’t gotten scholarships, been given a violin, etc. It was a struggle and I wore work boots, Tshirts and men’s jeans (I’m too tall for women’s jeans unless I want to pay a small fortune). The ladies had nice matching slacks, blouses and cardis. They never made me feel that I didn’t fit at all; in fact they were overjoyed to have a new and younger member! But it mattered to me, especially as I went on to be a delegate to a couple of conventions. The WI is fantastic and does support many worthy causes. We had a couple of chapters that were just ‘tea and talk’ groups, but most of them really worked and cared.

        The holiday houses sound fantastic! That must be an Aussie thing; I never heard of it ’til now. I will have to check around, for sure. My other option would be to take stuff to my Crafty Friends’ home and do it there (not when the grandkidlets are around, though). She lives about 15 min away max and would drive me home if I were needed urgently. I love the idea of community houses and men’s sheds. When I decide where to settle permanently I’ll be sure to check all that out there, too. Thanks so much for the great ideas. You may want to post about that; I’m sure other people would benefit from the knowledge. I bet you could be teaching a class here and there on hugelkultur, too. A good poster and the curious will come to see what it’s all about. Then you have your chance to hook ’em!

        Thanks again, Narfie7!

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