As Solstice approaches…

Hugelkultur in Ireland! Thought a couple of you might be interested . . . 🙂




As the longest day approaches everything in Nature is full of vitality and bursting with energy. The weather is good… not as hot as our recent heatwave which suits me…and probably most Irish people better. I don’t think we are genetically disposed to very hot weather…most of us wilt when it gets above 23 or 24c.



Cherries are starting to swell on the trees. It’s looking good for Apple and Plum harvests too…and of course the Blackcurrants never let us down. Even in the recent bad Summers the Blackcurrants came up trumps. The seem to like the conditions here in the north-west. Lots of freezing, jamming and chutney making to be done later it seems.



In the polytunnel the first bed is made.



The first thing to be planted was a Mexican Midget tomato. It already has flowers so shouldn’t be too long before we get…

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5 thoughts on “As Solstice approaches…

  1. I LOVE that tangle of a garden! I wish I could get Serendipity Farm to look like that but alas, we are too dry. Ireland isn’t known as the emerald isle for nothing, it rains a LOT. Cheers for the share Linnie, It was nice to gaze over the fence at the green pastures on the other side for a bit 🙂

    • Yes, I loved seeing it, too. We’ve had LOTS of rain these past weeks and the back lawn looks like Ireland!

      I’m not looking forward to 30+ heat, which I’m sure is just around the corner, but having a ‘real’ spring for several weeks makes up for the heat later. I think this is the nicest spring since I came here back in ’99.

      I will see if I can send you a bit more rain; we expect it to continue (not in huge amounts, though) through ’til the end of June.

      • I think New Zealand is hogging the rain again. Apparently we are in the throws of a cold spell. 12C days but sunny and bright and -1C overnight. I don’t mind the cold but where is out rain?! Now it’s the first day of winter I expect to be huddled under a tree with Earl in the first deluge but again…another sunny day forecaste 😦

      • Nah, don’t blame NZ; Alberta definitely is hogging, this year, anyway! We watched the noon news and several towns south of Calgary and Banff are under a state of emergency; the Trans-Canada Highway and the Columbia Icefields Highway are both closed. A sour gas pipeline has been ruptured and people evacuated; they may have to evacuate the whole town, or most of it. It’s crazy down there! Here we are just getting nice rains, but not all day. Sometimes a bit of a downpour, but then it lets up and goes back to louring clouds. I’m so thankful not to be dealing with heat!! So far, so good! But I’ll see what I can do about re-routing the rain from the southern province; I think you need it and they really have enough . . .

  2. I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but I couldn’t find a ‘Post Comment’ button after I typed it in. So here it is, in case you’re looking.

    Great Blog! A couple of my readers are into hugelkultur and so I’m re-blogging this. I love your place; the pond is delightful! ~ Linne

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