The Five Best Decisions I’ve Made in My Life

What do you think were the top five best decisions of YOUR life? This is a very thought-provoking post. ~ Linne

3 thoughts on “The Five Best Decisions I’ve Made in My Life

  1. I read Annies post and was bowled over by how similar to my own story it was. Here are my 5 decisions that changed my life
    1. Being brave enough to move to the city and go to college (even though it didn’t end up being a success)
    2. Being brave enough to walk away from a marriage that just wasn’t “there” any more and in the process finding my real life
    3. Being honest as best I can. It’s not an easy path to walk and it sometimes hurts like a biotch but honesty really IS the best policy folks…just be tactful as well as honest
    4. To spend my life learning as much as I can
    5. Figuring out that learning as much as you can is worth pretty much nothing unless you apply that knowledge and “DO IT” 🙂

    There ya go…narf7’s 5 best decisions 🙂

    • Pretty impressive, Narf7!

      I really had to think about this. I think the decisions that most changed my life include:

      1. Dropping out of first yr Uni; led to a totally different life. Still not sure if it was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ . . . but few regrets.

      2. Choosing an alternative lifestyle. and ditto. 😉 few regrets, though.

      3. Trusting ‘financial advisors’ who turned out to be just mutual fund salesmen (legal in BC). Def a bad choice; good learning experience.

      4. Putting off buying land when I could have done because I was afraid to do it on my own. Bad choice; good learning experience.

      5. Moving to Alberta, then staying on. Not easy, but def worthwhile.

      My choices are less positive in many ways but I learned a lot, which I believe is why I am here anyway. So, in the end, it’s all good . . .

      Good question, Annie!

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