How To Tell What’s Wrong With Your Vegetable Plants…And Fix It!

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Old World Garden Farms

This time of year – most of the questions that come to us are centered around plants in the vegetable garden – and what might be the cause of this or that symptom.  We thought for this week’s gardening post – we would cover the 4 most common questions we get asked – along with some remedies to help resolve the issues. So here they are:

Question #1 “My plants look fantastic –  They are healthy and dark green – but I have no blooms or veggies.”

If your plants are thick and full of lush vegetation and foliage – but you have little or no blooms and hardly any fruit at all – then the culprit is most likely too much fertilization. In a garden setting, you can certainly have too much of a good thing – and too much fertilizer leads to all growth in the leaves and…

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