Inspirational Quotes On Creativity

Lots of quirky, creative stuff on here! Very inspiring to see people doing such a variety of artistic endeavours. ~ Linne

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes On Creativity

  1. great post. I loved them all and Mr Bradbury continues to surprise, delight and inspire me. I hadn’t read that particular quote from him before. 🙂

    • Glad you liked them. I love Bradbury still and recently re-read The Martian Chronicles . . . I still love the contents, but the writing itself . . . I think I’ll see if the library still has Dandelion Wine. Nothing like words used to make high art . . .

    • Forgot to say: I think I know what he meant by ‘don’t think’; that negative self-doubt that erodes our confidence and sense of adventure, locking us back in the narrow society-aporoved ‘box’. Creative thinking is a different thing altogether.

      • that’s true. It doesn’t hurt to shut off the thinker from time to time. I guess it is a like the “mindfulness” people talk about now a days. Just focusing on the shawl, or amigurumi fire engine or what ever one is doing. 🙂

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