The Words for Wednesday were . . .

. . . Truth and Honesty

Someone told me once that the secret to the continuing success of her marriage was these two words. I had never thought much about the distinction (if any) ’til then, but after that I did, for some years.

I came to this conclusion:

Truth = not lying
You ask me if I have seen your glasses in the living room. I tell the truth: no, I haven’t.

Honesty = full disclosure
You ask me if I have seen your glasses in the living room. I am honest: no, I haven’t, but I did see them in the kitchen.

These are simplistic examples, but you can see what I mean.

I think the courts, governments and various media are full of examples of telling the truth without being honest; frequently this is a tactic used by someone trying to get their own way with little regard for consequences to others.

What would change if honesty prevailed? Worth thinking about . . .


3 thoughts on “The Words for Wednesday were . . .

  1. I think, more to the point, How would WE change as a society. There is a very fine line between blunt honesty and little white lies. Most of society uses those little white lies to grease the wheels of communication and to just make things easier and faster. If you don’t like what someone is wearing and they are your friend it’s just easier to tell them that they look “fine” and head out the door rather than finding a tactful way to say that you don’t like what they are wearing because lets be really honest here…its your opinion that your friends clothes aren’t up to scratch and is that a reason for your friend to go and get changed? It gets very complicated. Honesty is most importantly being honest with yourself first and foremost. Stop lying to yourself about who you are, what you are and why you are motivated to do things. Stop living in a dream world and being idealistic about everything and really get down to the nitty gritty dirty stuff and be openly honest with yourself. After that it is a breeze being honest with everyone else. The hardest part is already accomplished. I had a “year of living honestly” not so long ago. You would be amazed at how liberating honesty is! Sometimes you just can’t share what you are honestly feeling with someone. They are too close or you would open up a powder keg and your honest opinion could be the flame that makes it all explode. There is a time to speak out honestly and a time to keep it to yourself without lying and the fine line is working out how to react at any given time. I am not so good at that but I am starting to learn. We all know that politicians are psychopathic liers. If honesty really prevailed how very different political campaigns would be! 😉

    • You make an excellent point, Narfie7; to me, it’s not the kindness of a little white lie that endangers a relationship or friendship; it’s the lying about what really matters. And I agree that just because we don’t happen to care for our friend’s taste in clothing, that’s no reason to hurt their feelings. It’s not all about ME, no matter how much I think it ought to be (after all, who better to run the world than someone who sorta messed up most of the important things?) 😉

      Seems like what’s at the root is really learning what is effective in being honest. If there’s not positive outcome, maybe it needs a re-think? And I guess learning how to be honest, but kind helps, too.

      I like your ‘year of living honestly’, too; and I also agree that sometimes we have to share with someone not too close. A good friend can be useful there, and if not, then I’ve found a journal works very well. Just don’t leave it around to stir things up ‘accidently’! I have filled one and a half of the Artist’s Way workbooks and it was amazing how helpful it was. The Morning Pages; three pages a day of handwritten (yes, it makes a difference!) material, done as fast as possible with no thinking or editing, just getting the contents of one’s mind down on paper, clears the mind and emotions, which frees you up to get on with creativity or other daily tasks. At first (’cause I’m so perfectionist and kept editing and composing before I wrote each sentence) the three pages took me up to two hours a day to complete. Then I finally ‘got it’ and soon I was down to a half hour each morning.

      I was brutally honest about my feelings, fears, etc. and at first that’s pretty much what it was all about; then the transformation began and I found myself writing more and more positively. The negative stuff showed up, too, but there was less of it as I worked through the pile. That was when a lot of my creativity began to take root.

      Having been prompted to say all that, I’m now wondering if I need to go back to the MP. It would be interesting to see how it affected my energy levels now. So thanks, Narfie7! I needed that!! ~ Linne

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