Fun with Friends . . .

I was over visiting my Crafty Friends a couple of days ago. They are so kind; picking me up even when I could easily bus to their place. First we took two enormous bags of cash-back recycling to the depot, then on to their place. Last autumn, Mr. CF tore down the old garage he’s been using for a workshop and built a new workshop. City regulations in their area don’t allow for re-building in that spot (too close to the alley), so they had three yards of gravel/sand mix delivered to firm up the surface where they park their cars. It will be nice to get out of a car without sinking into muck . . . but the gravel hadn’t been completely spread, so we each grabbed a snow shovel and set to work:


The pile was pretty wet from the deluge the day before, so we spread about a third and then left it to dry out more. That was fun!

Later, we sat on the front porch, relaxing and enjoying the front yard. I love their front yard; quirky, creative, unique . . . isn’t that ‘windchime’ cute? Their son made it . . . he’s the only one of the four kids who has inherited a love of creative and ‘different’ landscaping from his parents.

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I finally figured out how to create a slideshow!!  😉

. . . and while we were sitting on the porch, one of the daughters came by to drop off the grandbabies for an hour or so. She and her husband had bought a trailerload of ‘stuff’ at an auction (sight unseen) and were transporting the good stuff that they didn’t need to his mother’s, where they are having a garage sale this weekend. Of course, my Crafty Friends and I had a good peek in the back of the truck . . . and in a box of assorted china too recent to interest me, I found this:


It’s a cute little butter dish with a crackled finish and gold around the edge. The motto, also in gold, reads, “Ca canny wi the butter”, which means, in case you aren’t familiar with Scottish dialects, “Go carefully with the butter”. Not so long ago, farmwives would make butter and sell it to bring in a few extra pence. Only a wee bit was reserved for family use, so this motto was a way of reminding everyone to go easy on the butter or there’d be no more until the next churning. I asked if I could buy it and the daughter told me to take it, she wouldn’t get much for it anyway. I didn’t take asking twice!

Then she gave this nearly new bread machine to her mother to give to the son’s fiancee. But the offer was turned down, so my CF offered it to me . . . oh, how lucky I felt! We don’t have room in our tiny ‘kitchen’ to knead bread properly, so we’ve been buying bread forever, it seems. This maker had been used, but looked in good condition. Once I was home, I found the manual online and printed out enough pages to get me started.


Guess what I was doing yesterday . . . 🙂 IMG_3469[1]

that’s all that’s left of a 1.5 pound loaf . . . I made this one 60% whole wheat, but the next will be 100% with a bit of wheat germ, soy protein powder and Engevita nutritional yeast added. That will be done the next week I’m upstairs.

Today, I finally got together with my friend A and we went for a lovely walk around Lake Beaumaris, an easy bus ride for me and a straight north drive for A. We haven’t been there since last autumn, October, I think, as after that it was too darn cold and likely icy. Also in winter here it gets dark at an unearthly hour and we’d been warned not to walk around the lake after dark, as apparently there are gangs who hang out there then . . . and it’s always dark by the time work ends in the winter.

I’m very out of shape, since much of my time now is spent sitting or lying down. I’m getting lots of crafting done, but not exactly increasing my oxygen intake or keeping my heart and muscles in good shape. The Beaumaris walk is 2.5 miles (4 km); last autumn we had it down to less than 40 minutes and were looking forward to being able to do two rounds in less than an hour. But today I had to sit down three times (mind you, it was very hot, so sitting in the shade looking at the amazing view, with a cool wind blowing on our faces, was very appealing. I felt the shaded benches just sucking me into their orbit 😉

. . . here’s another slideshow from parts of that walk today. Note the sweet little ducklings and Canada Geese goslings . . . later on the walk, we came across a patch of wild roses; these are the provincial flower of Alberta, but we have plenty in BC, too. I’ve loved the sweet scent of them since I was a child . . .

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This weekend is a holiday weekend, with Monday off, as it’s Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day, which I still call it at times). When you are retired, days off don’t mean as much, except that the buses are less frequent and many of the stores close earlier. But Canada Day is important to me anyway; I love this country, no matter what I may think of our elected ‘servants’ . . .


10 thoughts on “Fun with Friends . . .

  1. Love the slideshows and a bit of a look at Canada :). I especially loved the Rugosa roses and you will be sprinting around that lakeside track in no time. You should have seen me when we moved to Serendipity Farm. I had to stop twice to get from the mailbox to the top of the driveway! I love the windchime but admit, as a lover of simple things, If that front yard was mine I would have to tone it down a bit ;). SCORE on the breadmaker! If you need something and you hand that need out to “the universe” you will get what you need. Looks like you needed a breamaker Linnie 🙂

    • Thanks! I love Rugosas, too. There’s a variety often used for hedgerows that I’d like to have one day; as to ‘sprinting’ . . . I’ll be happy with fast walking for now.

      The CFs have more of tbe same in the back, too! It’s great for sitting and looking at. Interesting, the variety of humans, isn’t it?

      I did want a breadmaker, but didn’t expect one to come so easily! I agree with you that our needs are met; sometimes I forget a want isn’t a need!

  2. What a fab post. I haven’t mastered “slide show” yet. is there a tutorial for it? Also those wild roses sound magic.

    • You don’t need a tutorial . . . when you click on ‘add media’ and upload your photos; upload several, then before you say ‘insert into post’, look to the top of the left side of your screen and click on ‘create gallery’. When you next click on ‘insert into post’, you will see a dropdown menu giving you the option of several styles of display (thumbnail grid, etc.). Choose ‘slideshow’ and away you go . . .

      I think there’s nothing like the scent of roses (well, heliotrope and lavender give it a run for its money . . .); I can see why ‘attar of roses’ was so sought after as a perfume for centuries . . .

    • Thanks. I do, too! He took a short bucket and punched holes in it, then upended it and suspended all sorts of found things; keys, sticks, bells, jewellery, you name it. One day I will make one for myself . . .

  3. It is adorable. We won’t use it herre; it’s so dusty, especially now when we have to have the windows and doors open (even with screening), that we cover the butter saucer with clingfilm. Not my favourite, but dust is worse. I remember when I got my first breadmaker; I was staying with a friend. The first loaf I made, she had a piece, then I had a piece, then suddenly the whole thing was gone, so I had to start again . . . I love making bread by hand, but it’s just too hard here.

    Wait ’til you see the weather slideshow I just put together . . . it will self-publish on Monday, early. Another skill I finally figured out! It’s easy; I just never took the time before . . .

    I love their yard, too; I’d like a property large enough to have a few grottos and wee clearings with plants, decorative things, etc. . . . so cool to wander about and then stumble on something. I’d like fairy homes and that sort of thing, too. Fun to dream of, whatever comes . . .

    Mrs. CF is very crafty and super energetic; she’s always making something to add to the yard or house; painting a room or building in a cupboard. She does her own tiling, etc. He’s pretty good, too, but she’s amazing!

    • I forgot to mention, but the first two slides are of pelicans! I couldn’t zoom in far enough for the detail I would have liked; they kept swimming farther from where we were walking and I only had my iPhone along. But they were so interesting. I had no idea pelicans came this far north! I saw them wild in California and in Virginia along the coast, but never here ’til now.

  4. Well done on the little plate, it looks adorable, and being able to make your own bread. I had one when the boys were little and they would scoff a whole loaf after school. Smells devine in the house when one is brewing. Well done on the slide show too, very clever, and beautiful shots. I love your friends front yard too, lovely balance and feel, from afar anyway 🙂

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