Kids’ Drawings Made Into Real Furniture

If you have kids and some basic skills . . . ~ Linne



The Children’s Furniture Project is a collaboration between artists Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake. They asked a class of 7 and 8 year olds to draw a chair. Now they’re making the drawings into real life furniture. So far they’ve made two: a red and yellow rocker with a little fish bowl attached and a red and green Dennis Deniss The Menace rollie chair. Below you can see the whole set of drawings which will also be built. They… are pretty impressive. Definitely far better than I could have managed. Not that would come to a shock to anyone. Including me. I know my limits!


‘working with a local primary school, we took an art class and gave the children a simple piece of paper with the words, ‘please draw a chair’. with a little encouragement and some coloring in pencils, the children started scribbling away their dream chair! after…

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6 thoughts on “Kids’ Drawings Made Into Real Furniture

  1. I’ve seen a company that makes kids drawings into stuffed animals, which I hope to do with my kids when they get to the drawing more than just scribbles stage (though I’ll probably save money and sew it myself.) This idea of making furniture is interesting. It would be a good project to do with the child so that in the process s/he could learn about how to make their designs functional by adding reinforcements and braces or chair rungs and what not, as well as basic carpentry skills. I think most kids would have a blast!

    • I like the idea of the stuffed animals. I’ve also seen kids’ drawings transferred onto cloth and used for quilt blocks, or onto pillowcases or T-shirts, then embellished with fabric paint. Some kids just love having their own work used to create something for themselves or a gift for grandmas, grandpas, etc. I think it would be a great way to teach kids. I was thinking that if you had them draw a birdhouse, it would be manageable and could be displayed in a tree or on a fence, so not filling up the house . . .

      • Thanks, Karen. I think the only thing to be precise about with them is the size of the opening. Apparently different species prefer different sizes for safety. I think it’s easy to build birdhouses (kit or from scratch) and then let kids paint them. Lots of fun for them, it’s a good outdoor activity and the birds don’t care what it looks like! ~ Linne

  2. I have kids…I also have some basic (VERY basic) skills. I somehow don’t think that they would appreciate me bringing their drawings to life. My son once drew a plan for a trap to catch his 2 year old sister in when he was 8. He planned on luring her into a large hole in the ground with sweets on a stick. He was going to take her far, far away so that she wouldn’t find her way home…best we don’t bring the mechanics of those brains into reality.

    • I suppose the appeal would wear off as the ‘kids’ get older . . . but maybe not for ALL kids . . . I love the trap plan! Very ingenious! So I have to agree with you on letting some things lie . . . LOL

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