and the World Food Prize (the Nobel Prize for Food) goes to . . . Monsanto?

My FeedReader gave me a lot to think about today (it’s Monday the first of July), and a comment in this post from lovely Ireland caught my attention immediately:

So I went to one of my favourite resources to see if it was really true . . .

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I hadn’t heard this and thought maybe you hadn’t either. Never ask ‘How bad can it get?” You may find out . . .

If you have input to share with the Prize Committee, you may email them directly here:

One commenter contributed the following, for those of you who are caught up with your FeedReaders . . .

If you think Monsanto execs deserve anything other than a public tarring & feathering you should watch these videos.………


8 thoughts on “and the World Food Prize (the Nobel Prize for Food) goes to . . . Monsanto?

    • Truer words never spoken, Narfie7! Must be why I married a man name of ‘Oakes’, eh? I just keep dropping acorns all over the web . . .
      And yes, the people are restless, indeed! When I saw a tweet a few days ago that Monsanto was trying (again) to force through a law that ends up with them owning the ‘rights’ to all seed materials and would forbid people to save seed or produce it (I think this was in Belgium, but my memory could be off; Europe somewhere, anyway), I tweeted our Prime Minister and told him to build more prisons, because ‘we will NOT comply’ if they bring in such laws here. Years ago, I told my sons that if they were to ever find themselves visiting their Mum in prison, it would be because I would not obey a law banning me from growing my own medicinal herbs and plants. That was in the early days of the Monsanto soap opera . . . now it looks more of a possibility than I thought possible.

      • That’s why we all need to grow open pollinated seeds whenever we can and keep passing them from one to the other. “The People” will always win!

  1. Bah BLEEP! They’re all in each others pockets, scratching each others backs and supporting each other wholly. Some days I wonder if we little people have a chance when the governments, agencies of supposed people protection and the big ag companies, Monsatan at the top of that list, are all in hand together. Then I realise that we ARE winning, albeing extremely slowly. More and more people are aware of GMO’s and more and more people care about eating them. Slowly but surely labeling laws will push through (Australia thankfully requires GMO’s to be labeled) and more and more we hear stories about people performing acts of GMO vandalism and revolting against Monsatan and their toxic poisons. I haven’t time to look at the links atm but I’ll do my best to get back to them and soon.

    • I think we’re winning, too. Sometimes open opposition to an idea, person or group gives it/them as much strenght as outright support would do; finding that ‘Third Path’ that simply goes around is what makes for an effective response. It’s one reason I re-blogged the bit about Bhutan. If one country can do it, so can others. If people become curious about why Bhutan made that choice, how long before they want the right to choose for themselves? I love that Australia has GMO label laws; wish we had them here; soon, I hope. And if the products are all so wonderful and all, why are they afraid to label them? Don’t you think that if Monsanto is telling the truth, people would rush to buy their products? So what does that tell you? It tells me that Monsanto knows darn well they are doing a bad thing . . . and like a kid, they don’t want to ‘fess up.

      No worries re: the links. I am so behind with everything myself, I have nothing but sympathy for everyone else and admiration for those who do get caught up.

    • I had no idea and was so shocked when I read that! Especially since their claims to producing more crops with more nutritious value have been proven wrong!! But some people will read that in the paper and think it’s all good . . . I’d rip out my hair, but I do love it long LOL.

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