I’m still here . . . but maybe not ALL here!

Hi, my friends! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’m sure some of you have breathed sighs of relief to find your FeedReaders relatively unencumbered . . . LOL  Don’t get too comfy, though . . . I’m hoping to catch up sometime after Wednesday.

I went with my Mum to two medical appointments. This involves taxis, and the second involved another trip to the lab while we were in the vicinity. This on top of the usual errands and all. So not much rest for this wicked one . . .

As well as busy, I’m fighting off the same lurgy as Narfie7 (can bugs get through the ‘net? someone should be checking . . .) I’m using my old standby remedy, baking soda in water, but not hot water; I’m already tired of being hot, although the weather here’s been more temperate after those two days of ridiculosity (40C !!).

In fact, yesterday, I caught the bus up  the three blocks to the mini-mall north of 137 Ave. I left the apt in nice sunny weather. At the bus stop out front, I was checking my phone for the next bus to arrive and  noticed a few sprinkles; bus came, I rode to the transit centre and it was raining! Walked the length of the transit centre and it was pouring, plus now there was small hail!! Still had a half block to go, so trudged on . . . note that for the first time this year, I was wearing a loose rayon top, but no T-shirt underneath (my usual preference). I had one hand over my phone case and purse (lucky it’s small) and one alternately shading my eyes and wiping the deluge from my face. It was nearly impossible to see. Now my runners were soaked (they have holes in the soles, as I’m wearing them out and also waiting to find worthy replacements) so I quit dodging puddles and plowed on through . . . arrived at the door of London Drugs just as it tapered off to sprinkles again. They have only a few windows at the front, and I was headed to the computer department at the back. People were trying not to stare . . . my clothing was soaked through to the skin, my long grey hair (luckily pinned back a bit LOL) was streaming water and my face couldn’t have been wetter if I’d cried for a day. It was such a short downpour that people had a hard time believing it even happened.

The best thing was finding an awesome deal; a regular price, not a sale price, too! I bought two flash drives for under $40 each. Yes, that’s a lot of money and I’d only planned to buy one, but these ones each hold 64 Gigs of data! I remember when kilobytes were the big deal; now I take 64Gigs in stride. I even splashed out on two lanyards to hold them. The sweet young lady waiting on me insisted on attaching the lanyards to the drives for me, telling me she liked to do the small bits. She was so nice, it took me a while to let her know, gently, that I’d been working on PCs since we booted up with floppys. I’m sure she thought I’d have trouble figuring out the lanyard attachment . . . but I had to remind myself that what she saw when she looked at me was likely a homeless bag lady in an improbably purple batik top, drenched to the bone and dripping all over the floor. lank hair and all . . . I meant to take a photo in the hall mirror when I got home, but forgot, so you’ll just have to imagine it . . . and it’s ok to laugh! I did!!

Anyway, all that chilling out (I walked all the way home, with a stop at the grocery store, so was well and truly ‘cool’ by the time I was home again. How I miss our old clawfoot tub that held enough water to reach to my chin and in which I could stretch out. I could have used that last night. Instead, I was back downstairs in dry clothes, but now with one of those hacking coughs that just don’t stop. I went through a whole package of Hall’s drops in the one night, even though I’d had two doses of Buckley’s while I was up at Mum’s. It’s one of the new clones and not the awful taste from my childhood that I love so much. And it was brown! not white and creamy . . . oh, well, I’m taking the bottle down with me tonight!

So all of that by way of saying it’s been crazy and it’s not showing signs of sanity any time soon . . .  I’ll post in the next couple of days if possible, but more likely it will be after Wednesday. Hope you are all having lovely weather and a temperate pace of life! Not likely, I know.


15 thoughts on “I’m still here . . . but maybe not ALL here!

    • I am getting well; but slowly. The recent stress wasn’t helping, but now I’m finding positive ways to deal with the latest challenges. Always the thing, isn’t it? Thanks for the good wishes! ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Christie. Funny how that lurgy is so widesoread, isn’t it? But I’m on the mend, with the coughing much less frequent. I have a green smoothie waiting for my breakfast . . . so wheather or not this is Narf7’s lurgy going around, her smoothie will cure it 😉

    • I went, I saw, I quailed . . . If I was vengeful, I’d make us each one and we could go to the beach together . . . don’t hold your breath; I’m really an old teddybear . . . and it looked so comfy, too . . . NOT!

  1. Urgh, I have a little girl walking around constantly asking me to wipe her “snotties” so looks like viruses on the net are more than just computer viruses.
    As for that hacking cough my friend, go chop thee up an onion (just like for spag bol) and then put it in a jar or cup with 2 tablespons of honey or sugar and leave it be for a few hours to form the resulting syrup. Take the syrup as needed for a cough. It’s soothing on the throat and doesn’t taste anywhere near as foul as it sounds. In fact it’s quite a pleasant flavour.
    I hope your mum’s appointments went well too and that they needn’t be repeated for a while.
    Relax, take it as easy as you can when you’re a carer and sleep whenever you can. xx

    • Thanks for reminding me, Jess. I’ve used that one before. Unfortunately can’t do it now; my Mum doesn’t care for strong smells in the place and garlic tops the list (why I’m not eating raw garlic sammies right now lol), with onion close behind. She does tolerate onion for cooking (she uses it, too), but doesn’t like the smell to linger on.

      One appt was for a routine checkup, followed by extra lab tests (this Dr. is very good, albeit not alternative so far as I can tell, but that suits Mum fine). The other appt was for an injection into each eyeball. Don’t flinch! It only pinches a bit and it’s helping slow down the AMD, which is good. Usually my sister takes her, but sis was under the weather herself, so I went. I like to watch the injections and all that, so it’s all good.

      Yep, had a long shower already so will be cooler to sleep tonight. Tomorrow will take it easy, then there are things to be done . . .

      Hope Allegra’s lurgy has gone on its merry way . . .

  2. Bollocks you lot! I was down for a day and now I am back brighter and more energetic than ever! It can’t have been me, I was just laid low for a day…your lurgies are lasting longer, must be different strains 😉

      • I still have the lurgy but its lurking behind my eyes somewhere and is making my head thicker than normal. I have been a bit crunchy around the edges and a bit twitchy today and I am tireder than usual (is that how you spell “tireder?” it looks ridiculous! 😉 ). Time to head off and eat soup after posting todays aberrant post all about cake, the French and Lawrence of Arabia, in other words, another “normal” day on Serendipity Farm! 😉

      • Soup sounds good for the lurgy. Mine is slowly retreating; slow ’cause in the face of new challenges (which I’ll post about in a bit), I’ve been consuming food that is healthy much of the time and other times not so much . . . My cough was less frequent last night and today, and the rattle in my lungs is barely noticeable. (not to worry; I’ve been here before and this is nothing!)

        I know what you mean about ‘tireder’; the spelling is correct and I agree it looks odd! But you got the idea across.

        Haven’t read your post yet, but will get there. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. I would send you thoughts of chicken soup, but I’m not sure that would be too effective for a vegan . . . so just ‘be well’.

  3. OK, im blaming Narf7 as well. I fought the dreaded lurgy all week, walking around the office proclaiming “Im not sick” “Im not sick” and then the weekend arrives and i find myself in bed for most of it. I actually took Monday off! Unheard of. So yes, perhaps it does come down the net.

    • Yep, I tried that mantra, too . . . and I haven’t been too sick, it’s mostly that cough that won’t turn off; strikes in the night and you’d think I was on my deathbed, all gasping and wheezing for air. But the Buckley’s does soothe and kept it back. Wish I’d had the foresight to bring it down with me that first bad night . . . Last night I only woke up coughing three times; it was worse in the morning and recurred through the day. I thought it was gone, but not so . . . I’ve been hacking as I type this LOL. I may stay in bed for a bit tomorrow morning. I’m back up at Mum’s now. Hope there’s a good book I haven’t read yet . . . Poor Narfie7; wonder if she’s seen these finger-pointing comments . . . bet she’s out making a doll with my name on it as I write. 😉

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