More mushrooms…

For my Fungiphile Friends . . . ~ Linne

Winter Owls

Mushrooms continue to pop up in unusual abundance in my garden this winter. I nearly stepped on these tiny taupe mushrooms camouflaged among the stones in my back garden. They were about the size of my thumbnail, looking like they would be more at home under the sea than on land. Later, I spotted some small orange mushrooms beneath the lemon tree. A perfect platform to show off a tiny vintage owl. This is the baby owl of a vintage trio of three that I found on Etsy and is only 2 cm high. Sadly, no white spotted red mushrooms, like the ones from my childhood appeared. So, I painted some.

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4 thoughts on “More mushrooms…

  1. I am one with the fungus. I assimilated like the Borg and now I am their willing helper in spreading the word (and the spores…) it would seem they have tamed another humanoid. Welcome sister…

    • Love the Borg . . . I think you have spread the spores to me . . . 😉
      Hope it doesn’t offend you if I eat the fruiting bodies from time to time . . . I just love Chanterelles and Inky Caps, not to mention those little ones that look like brains . . . yummy . . .

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