8 thoughts on “Ponds and Water Gardens for Kids (all ages)

    • Not that I know of . . . will check it out either tonight or tomorrow; time permitting. Sorry about that. I haven’t been up here enough to keep up with comments the past few days. Thanks for the heads-up, Narfie7!

  1. Anyone can have a “pond”. All you need is a large pot, some silastic to glue up the bottom and the web is full of ideas how to do the rest :). We have a pond. When Earl was young and before he learned how delicious anything else that moves is, he ran free around the property and discovered the pond. Earl looked like the monster from the black lagoon. He emerged dripping, dark green and scented like only a swamp monster could smell. Needless to say we actively disuaded Earl from wallowing in the pond after that! We need to get down to the pond area as it’s quite pretty down there under all the overgrowth. We found images of this place when dad and his partner bought it exactly 20 years ago and it is stunningly different and beautiful. I might see if I can scan them and do a post about it. If ONLY they had kept it like that! It was easy care, not hard to maintain and perfect for our climate. The elderly lady who owned it before them “got” what it takes to have a garden. They didn’t :(. Oh well…at least I will have “something to do” for the rest of my life and will never be bored right up until the day that I am pushing up the daisies! 😉

    • You know, I made a ‘pond’ a few years ago, just before I moved to Edmonton. I was living in Chilliwack, BC, then, as a companion for my brother-in-law’s aunt. They had rented a small L-shaped house for her, where I lived, too. The L was at the back, facing a small, but very green, yard. There was a wood deck. Now the house was green, with white trim, but the deck had been painted barn red. I love barn red, but not there! So I painted it with dark green metal paint (paint for metal, not from metal LOL). Then I bought some patio furniture and a very big sort of ‘pot’ with rope handles, normally used for lugging stuff around in one’s garden.

      I put some bricks and rocks in the bottom, set pots at various heights and filled it nearly to the top with water. There were water animals, too, something that was slug-like, as I recall, and other things, to keep the algae under control. In the pots were a waterlily, Egyptian reeds, more stuff, but I don’t recall the names now. It was quite lovely. I’d hoped to put a small fountain pump in it, too, but never got to that. I used to love sitting out there, looking at the evergreens and the lawn, with the water garden at my elbow. Too bad the lady was a bit past enjoying such things. I did get her out there once and we spent the afternoon after having our lunch, but she was never willing to go out again. It was very worth it, though. When I moved from there, I gave the ‘pond’ to a neighbour who’d been very friendly to us.

      I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a very large natural pond; I’ve lived next to a few on properties way out in the bush, but never long enough to plant in and around them as I’d have liked.

      • Unfortunately my father “mended” the pond here and it was never quite the same again ;). Earl has had a bit of fun in it when he was a callow youth who wasn’t so intent on chasing anything that comes near him. He emerged looking like something from the black lagoon and smelling twice as nasty. We need to fix up the pond but that’s for another day. We have to clear out the area of blackberries first and that is something that I am not looking forwards to in the least!

      • Too bad about your pond being ‘mended’; I remember a neighbour ages ago, way up in the hills. He always said he’d just ‘Mickey Mouse’ something, then do it right later. Of course, later never arrived . . .

        Blackberries are a two-edged sword, eh? I tried clearing them out of a raised bed near a gate; never really succeeded. I wish you better luck than we had . . . but the berries were huge, plump and delicious, so not all was lost. 😉

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