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  1. As I read this I have just picked about 50 pound of apples off a old apple tree made apple jelly and some apple butter so far… and well the other 40lbs will be apple sauce… lots and lots of apple sauce…. the apples were free… so they will be my two year supply…. does that count?:

    • That definitely counts! I used to can (bottle) applesauce in two quart sealers; with two growing sons and two adults, it didn’t take long to go through a jar. We loved it on pancakes with yogurt, instead of syrup, etc. Nice they were free . . . Mum used to make apple jelly every year; I haven’t done it for years now.

  2. There is a very fine line between being prepared for disaster and being a prepper…you have to be VERY careful about which side of the line you are on 😉

    • So true! I think if we plan for the worst, but live for the best, it works fairly well. I’m pretty aware of what’s likely to come along, but I can’t live well if that’s all I think about. And there’s no use worrying about things I can’t take action on at the moment. Hope that puts me on the ‘left’ side of the line . . . (sorry, can’t see myself on the ‘right’ side, but I do know what you mean; just jokin’ with you . . .)

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