standing still . . .

. . . instead of moving boxes. 😦 I have a lot more than this lady and she’s cuter than I am, too.

Because my friend who was to drive the truck was called in to work this morning, she didn’t come to pick me up ’til after noon. We were both hungry, so we stopped for a quick lunch. When we got to the truck rental place, I was told that the truck I had reserved had been given to someone else because I was not there at 10 am. I had explained that I might have to come later if my friend had to work, but I guess no notes were put on the reservation. I was not allowed to rent a cargo van, either. I don’t use credit cards, but had bought one for $200 so that I could reserve the truck in the first place. But their reasoning is that I might remove the decals and steal the cargo van (but a moving truck is apparently harder to steal. Apparently having a ‘real’ credit card will be a good deterrent. Ha! I was thinking decidedly bolshie thoughts of renting the largest truck, loading up everything and driving home to BC; parking it in the woods somewhere and living in the back of the truck . . . but my sense of responsibility prevailed; I want to be here for my Mum and Aunty, so thoughts of childish runnings away cannot be entertained.)
run away 01
So, a few tears of frustration (lucky my friend works in the social work field and is very good at listening and then letting stuff go), then home to get centred again and call to book another truck, which I haven’t done yet. Mum’s landlady just came to give me papers to fill out. We have to turn in our keys for the outside door in exchange for ‘fobs’ (whatever those are; I think of watchfobs when I hear that). But the exchange is scheduled for the 14th and Mum and my sister will not be home until that evening. Both have outdoor keys, of course, and my sister has the garage door opener for the overhead door in the parkade. There is only the one chance, however, so my sister will now have to drive to St. Albert to do the exchange for herself and Mum. St. Albert is a neighbouring townlet where the condo management office is located.
More tears of frustration. Apparently the condo board gets to lay down the law and command obedience at its own convenience, while tenants sometimes have to wait months (as in my case) for repairs necessary to allow residing in the unit after a major flood – this was in my old suite, which I gave up when I was let go from my last job. From flood to finished repairs it was eight months plus.
nonconformDuck A little yellow Bolshie . . .
I know my situation is not so bad in the grand scheme of things and certainly many of you are going through much worse challenges today. But I’m tired and now I have boxes in plastic bags piled everywhere; not a place to sit or to sleep . . . so more moving of stuff has to occur before supper tonight. But first I have to call the moving truck place . . . OK, that’s done. They won’t have a truck at the close location; now I have to wait to hear where one will be and arrange when to pick it up. No stopping for lunch this time!
moving  truck
Since I can’t pick it up ’til Friday afternoon, I have all tomorrow in which to finish packing (ha!!); I think I’ll make some supper and clear off the couch enough to lie down.
couch potato
I was talking with one of you this last week and we agreed that we prefer full-on emergencies that require us to stay cool, calm and collected (at least until it’s over) 😉 What I’m particularly poor at handling is this slow escalating of stressors, none of them major, but taken together they wear me down.
nibbled to death  by ducks 01 “Life is like being nibbled to death by ducks”
And worst of all, for me, is this constant nit-picking to do with rules, conformity and appearance. I’ve never thought of myself as Bolshie, but a few conversations with Narfie7 and I’m beginning to think I have an alter ego that very much wants to see the light of day . . . well, that’s not entirely true, either . . . to be a bit more honest, I’ve never seen the value of pretending to be just like whatever the current fad is; I prefer people as they are and it would be nice to see more of that in the world. Oh, well . . . I may be back tomorrow on a break, but can’t promise anything; so I’ll ‘see you when I see you’ as we used to say.


16 thoughts on “standing still . . .

  1. I too do not care to follow the trends that are out there—free spirit is the way I would prefer to be, and I agree too many rules! I have found Holy Basil ( Tulsi) tea has helped me with stress in my life. I drink a cup of it (with a full stomach since it can lower blood sugar), and it helps me cope. Sometimes it is not the “big things” it is those annoying “little things” that get under your skin some days.That is when I sip my Holy Basil tea—it works wonders with dealing with stress! robbie

  2. I moved to this house 3 and a half years ago..
    But see when you are in, and half settled, even with box’s everywhere…

    …That is a GOOD feeling..

    • Yes, if I were actually moving, it would have been easier; I’m putting most of my things and some of Mum’s into storage; that means deciding what we need here, what we will want access to, and what can stay in storage for a while. Not to mention what am I willing to discard or donate . . .

      I’ve moved dozens of times and I feel a move is simpler.

      • I guess we all look at change different. And this is what makes living unique. We all feel different about things. Imagine we all felt the same..Not worth thinking about lol.

        Hope you are doing ok.


  3. Moving is always stressful and I can understand your tears, you’re tired and frustrated but still so funny. I can just picture you running away with the moving van and living in the woods, knitting and baking! One day, you’ll laugh at this, maybe not today though. Have a good cry and curl up with a book.

  4. Oh wow, Linne – this is why Murphy’s Law was written, I’m sure. You know, when I have a day like this, I am reminded of why I am an introvert. 😀

    Hang in there. We’ll be here waiting for you, with hopes of making you smile again. ❤

  5. Oh Linne 😦 It all sounds miserable, no wonder you cried. I can handle emergencies fine (yes, at the time) but frustration drives me crazy and that’s what your day was like. And you must be bone weary. I hope it all comes right for you soon xx
    I do love your pictures though, you still have some humour! Hope tomorrow is better.

    • Well, it didn’t really get better (long post coming once I have time, but not done yet and Mum is home today! (difn ‘t post this, so actually she was home late last night) 🙂

      Humour gets me through, but it’s not the first thing that comes to mind . . . I do get angry, but more often frustrated, as you say. Tears are a good release of negative energy and then I feel ridiculous and at some point I see the humour.

      At a particularly bad point in my life long ago, a friend going through hard times and I would share our trials; I started calling our lives “As The Stomach Churns”; our own soap opera! I still think of it that way sometimes; we would ask, “So, what’s the latest installment?”

      • I wondered how you were getting on. Yes, The Days of Our Lives 🙂 Can get like that, can’t it?!one thing after another. Humour gets you through alright, but sometimes tears are needed just to vent the frustration of everything. Good luck 🙂

  6. As we Aussies say “BUGGER”. Hopefully the extra day of packing should see you on top of all of those boxes and not snowed under. Take the opportunity to get it all together, take a deep breath and just wade into the morass…you will soon be out the other side. Murphy is on double duty on your side of the equator by the sound of it. Murphy is a bollocks! See you when we see you 🙂

  7. I forgot to mention: before we went to pick up the truck, it began to rain cats and dogs! really!! So that was another reason we put off doing the pickup and went for lunch first; if we park the truck in front of the building, we have to go down a step, then two more sets of steps, so hard on the knees. If we park in the back, we have a long walk across that lawn to the street. So, either way, we were going to get wet . . . not an auspicious beginning to the day, really . . .

  8. Wonderful illustrations to your angst, my friend. I can’t think of ANYTHING more exhausting than moving! That you are doing it for your mother, too, and under the direction of Controllers, I can hardly believe you can post about it, much less one with humor. Kudos to you! May the Deva of Rental Trucks take pity upon you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christi; you know, you actually triggered this post (inadvertently). I was so upset with the foulups, the wasted day (not just for me, but for my friend, too), then the new stuff on top of it all. So I thought I’d take a few minutes at the computer and check in with the RSS FeedReader. Of course, there was your post about Ruby. I was already feeling a bit fragile and your lovely description of her last days brought back my own memories of my big collie dog, Zooey and then of all the other deaths I’ve been at, animals and people.

      I couldn’t help but cry, then. It was good, though; sort of cleansing. Now I’m feeling calmer and able to face tomorrow head-on. So I wrote the post to get the last bits of feeling on the outside of me instead of stuffing it all down. I was debating whether to publish it at all; it seemed rather small potatoes compared to what you were experiencing (and a few others, too), and it was rather colourless with no photos. So I added them and it seemed to brighten up and in the end was ok. I’ve admired you so often for writing about the saddest or most challenging times of your life and doing it with humour . . . I’m sure you were a guiding influence behind this post.

      I sure appreciate this virtual village; I was sitting here just thinking that I didn’t want to call one of my friends; I’m only close to four women here and they are all dealing with their own stuff. But I knew my vv friends would understand. You with your chickens and now Ruby; Jessie with her baby goats; Fran with Milo and the fishwife; Wendy sitting near the epicentres of so many quakes it makes ‘me’ tremble! and so on . . . It kind of put things here into perspective, which helped a lot. I’m pretty intense, so sometimes I need that gentle nudge that points out where I actually am on the Richter scale of my life.

      So thanks for the encouragement. I hope you are doing ok way down south there . . . our days are shrinking dramatically, as always, and that sort of bugs me, too. Part of that ‘nibbled to death by ducks’ thing . . . 🙂

      Well, I’d best get going. Take care and thanks again for stopping by. Warm hugs to you, my friend. ~ Linne

      • Thank you, Linne, from one intense person to another. 🙂 Friends help us emotives with our personal Richter scales, a wonderful turn of phrase by the way. It has been a crazy summer here, but it’s all relative. Yours sounds impossible to me! May you have an easy move from here on out. Love, ck

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