Almost in the Bag . . .

From this:

to this:

to this:

Summer, too, is nearly in the bag . . . today was quite warm, about 27C or so, with strong winds, but it didn’t feel like mid-summer and the air had a definite autumnal tang; very nice, actually. And after several hot, clear days, the view to the west at sundown showed the coming change:

. . . and so did the first changes of colour on some of the leaves . . .


20130917-000051.jpg Hope that shows; iPhone pictures aren’t always the best, I know.

I’m not looking forward to ice and snow, but I AM looking forward to hot meals, baking, slow cooker soups and all that good comfort food . . . there’s always that silver lining . . .


20130917-001632.jpg Nothing like a good stir-fry over brown basmati . . . I think that last picture is upside down . . . oh, well, too late now . . . those pics are from the last cool spell a couple of weeks ago 😉


9 thoughts on “Almost in the Bag . . .

  1. How are you going Linnie? Just wondering as I have seen your various alter ego’s around the place liking posts but haven’t heard from you in ages. Respecting your privacy and your own personal way of diving into the new seasonal changes, just checking to see if you are OK 🙂

    • Narfie7, thanks for the kind words. I had a rather stressful set of weeks and little energy or computer time for blogging. It may happen again, due to my situation. Don’t worry about my privacy; I don’t put much family stuff out in public, but I don’t mind anyone chdcking in with me. Nice to feel cared for and missed, too.

  2. Your knitting is BEAUTIFUL…my grandmother was so adept at knitting. I still have the things she made us as chlldren and that was a LONG time ago:-) yum..your food looks good even upside down:-)

    • Thanks, Robbie. You are so lucky to have things your grandmother made. Both mine died before I was born, so there is nothing made by my Dad’s Mum and only a set of four tea napkins embroidered by my Mum’s Mum. The plan is for each of us four girls to have one. I want to take photos of them together and put the napkin and a photo in a display case to protect them.

      My knitting has mistakes but I don’t worry about them. I’ll still be warm!

    • Thanks, Stacy! I wish I were that fast, too! ;-). Really, it’s mostly the amount of time I’m putting in; several hours most days. Keeping it handy helps, too.

      When I was working on the “plain garter stitch” shawl, I did train my left hand to do what it’s supposed to do, but the right hand pulls the yarn a bit tight; I get impatient and revert to “drop and throw” style. The wirk is ok, but it makes me a lot slower.

  3. That stir fry looks delish, so does that approaching rain storm ;). Won’t be long now and you will be swaddled in woollies and protesting about the cold. We will be semi naked slathering ourselves in dust to try to cool ourselves down ;). Funny how life goes isn’t it? 😉

    • Thanks, Narfie7! I wish I was going to be swaddled in wool. I’m going to have to make another ‘sealed pot’ where I xan save up for a colour swatch card for the real Shetland wool I yearn for (90 colours!!); once I have that and choose my colours, I’ll be saving for the wool.

      I’ve found that thinking of the seasonal changes as sharing with you and the rest of the southern gang, it’s a bit easier to let go. Wouldn’t do to hog all the good stuff, would it? But I’d be happy with spring and autumn if you were happy with summer and winter. No? Darn! Oh, well . . .

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