the Bag and the Cardi

The bag: ( taken a few days ago. Now the handles are nearly done):


The Cardi (as of today):

20131029-222950.jpg Sorry for the poor quality and lighting; the first two rows of motifs at the bottom have rolled up so you can’t see them.

20131029-223133.jpg Here you can see the centre steek, where I will eventually cut up the centre so I can knit on the button and buttonhole bands.

And now for the best bit:

20131029-223326.jpg Here you can see one of the two new steeks where I will cut to form the armscyes, picking up stitches and knitting the sleeves down to the cuffs. These steeks are already over two inches long, but I like a deep sleeve, so there is still a way to go.

The good thing about making the cuffs last is that when they begin to fray you can either unravel or cut them off, pick up the stitches again and knit new cuffs!! Neat, eh?

I’m glad this is an acrylic ‘sampler’ on which I am practising several new things at once (did I ever tell you that among my various faults is an overwhelming urge to complicate everything? I’m sure you would never have guessed . . .

But I resisted the urge after I designed a cool pair of sleeves that would be knit as a single horizontal piece, from the centre out, then attached to the body to form a sort of yoke . . . it wouldn’t be too hard to do for a pull-over, but on a cardi . . . neck, front and bottom steeks . . . Talk about counting!

I might try that sometime on a child’s pull-over, though . . . or on one for a doll . . .

20131029-224637.jpg Where I sit and knit at my Aunty’s. This was Mum’s recliner that she gave to my cousin when one of my brothers moved in with us while we were still living at the house. We both loved the dark forest green. That brightness in the centre is the morning sun at 9:30 am, now rising quite south of east.

To the right is the end of the futon couch where I sleep (or type posts and comments when I am awake in the wee hours . . . ) 😉


15 thoughts on “the Bag and the Cardi

    • Truly, Wendy, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks. I’ve only had to unpick three times when I lost count because I was either interrupted or put it down before I finished a round. Now I’m paying more attention as I go along. Every row has only two colours, so it’s one or the other, and twist them around once if going more than four stitches with one colour. Most of the motifs are symmetrical, both horizontally and vertically, so that makes it easier to spot an error. I have to watch out for changing to ‘automatic knitting’ and just sailing on, only to discover I was repeating bits in the wrong places. If you (or Fran!) ever want to try this out, I’d recommend making something small, like two pockets for a cardi; put steeks between them and you can knit them in the round, then cut them, fold back the edge and then stitch onto a bought cardi. I should do a couple and show you . . . 😉

      • I used to do fairisle when my kids were little but honestly, I think I lack the attention span now! Now if I am going to knit it’s baby booties, quick and easy 🙂 Yours is lovely, I much admire!!

      • Thanks, Wendy. I know what you mean about quick n easy . . . and at least they get done! It helps to have so much ‘sitting time’, as I am fairly old school and don’t like to have idle hands, so if not reading, I like to have a few projects around that I can pick up. Now, at my Aunty’s, I mostly sit with her. Supper doesn’t take long to make, as it’s always simple, so I’d go a bit stir crazy if I had nothing to do. I may not have so much free time again, so am making the best of it . . .

  1. I too love that you have your own little corner. We all need our “nests” and even Earl has one. His consists of 3 pillows at the end of our bed that he needs to dig into an Earl shape each night before he can settle down to sleep. He heads in to bed with me every night and is a most loyal little man. I can tell he would rather stay out with Steve and Bezial but he must think that I need protecting and trots faithfully in to watch over me as I sleep (if lying upside down with your legs in the air and snoring copiously can actually be considered “watching over” someone that is 😉 ). Love the complicated stuff and love that it is YOU that has to be involved with it ;). I spend my life simplifying and streamlining things (possibly why it too me most of my life to lose weight, that food was streamlined straight into my mouth 😉 ). Give me a task and I can streamline that sucker for the greatest degree of efficiency. I think it is my “gift” but often the pleasure is in the time it takes to do something so it’s a double edged sword. I am finally learning to manage my efficiency and to balance it.

    On a small aside… we have a ghost! The other day we found a round rock, the size of 2 baseballs, about a metre away from our door. It was sitting on the paving stones and wasn’t anywhere inside the high fenced (Earl proof) compound prior to suddenly appearing and couldn’t have gotten into the area any way that we could see (totally fenced…did I mention “Earl proof?” 😉 ). We placed it near the door because we were impressed with it’s ability to just “appear” out of nowhere and it obviously wanted to be there… yesterday I headed into Steve’s music room as he wanted to show me a little echidna that was rootling around in our garden and noticed a tiny dried pinecone on his seat. I asked him about it and he looked strangely at me and said “didn’t YOU put that there?!!!”…nope. Someone is sending us messages…a round rock…a pinecone…buggered if I know what they are trying to say to us but if they are persistant enough I guess we will get it eventually 😉

    • That is so sweet of Earl; don’t you just love a dog who is protective and affectionate? As to ‘streamlining’, I’m good at some sorts, but wish I had your gift for streamlining your current healthy foods. I’m working on it, but have succumbed to Hallowe’en ‘treats’ temporarily. And then there is Christmas . . . Nice that you are balancing efficiency with the joy of the journey itself. Not an easy thing to master, is it? I’ve had to work on adding more efficiency and I’m still more about the journey (guess why I have so many unfinished projects? That’s one reason, anyway)

      I love that you have a ‘ghost’! Wish I had one; but then, I’d best be careful what I ask for, eh? When you figure it out, I’ll be very interested to hear about it . . .

      • Whoever it was (and I have my suspicions 😉 ) was only allowed to be here for a couple of days (including the day of the dead) and it’s all stopped now. Maybe we are “behaving” again ;). We have been completely taken over by getting this huge fully enclosed veggie garden covered, enclosed, and sorted. It’s amazing what your brain can come up with to problem solve things when you have no money. We needed a gate/door for the complex and Steve remembered that we had an old screen door in the shed in town (was on the back door before we put a dog door in) so a trip to the big city was in order. I got to see the kids and we got our door and I got a date next week to spend a day with my daughters in town, go shopping in Asian food shops (NOT Steve’s idea of a good time 😉 ) and we are going to cook up some delicious Korean food for our evening meal. Steve rigged up the door magnificently and we stretched, pulled, tacked, tied and manipulated so many metres of ex fish farm netting we should be give an honorary sailors moniker. This garden is going to be real! I am getting excited now at the possibilities and have started sprouting bean seed that I kept from last years harvest ready to plant, have bought some seedlings (next year we grow ours from scratch but this year we left it a bit too late) and Steve’s little grafted ballerina apple will have a fine home at the top of a rock (no shortage of them here) spiral herb and flower garden…can’t wait to get out into it but first we have to assemble those garden beds…more hard graft…as they say “nothing that it worth it is easy”. I now believe them! 🙂

    • We do have our own chairs, don’t we? I especially love rocking chairs; you’ll have to post a photo of yours sometime. The recliner does rock, but it’s not quite the same as an old wooden rocker. I have one of those, but it’s in the storage now. My parents bought it as a gift for the Auntie who was Mum’s next older sister and was married to Dad’s next older brother. When that Auntie passed away a few years ago, my cousin offered it to me and I treasure it. I have kept the cushions she had for it and re-covering them, with a bit of added padding, is on my ‘to-make’ list. Thanks for the compliment, too, Christi. I find this sort of knitting holds my attention well. And it’s fun to see what develops when I’m knitting fairly ‘freestyle’ as far as pattern goes. (and the errors generally don’t show so much lol)

    • Thanks very much! I’ve been using a selection of motifs from that book, so they aren’t original to me, but the arrangement is. However, it wasn’t planned; I just started out, then noticed a sort of recurrence of certain colours (besides the hot pink of the background) and thereafter repeated some of them so it wouldn’t get too ‘weird’ colourwise . . .

  2. You? Complicate patterns and things? NEVAH! 😉
    Looking gorgeous. Cutting into knitting would do my head in, whether or not you’re supposed to. Couldn’t do it.

    Love the “angel” on your chair too.


    • hahahahahaha!!! Yes, every time! It seems to be built in to my psyche somehow. I’m a bit apprehensive about cutting into this cardi, as the acrylic yarn won’t ‘stick’ the way that real wool does. But no matter what, it’s a ‘barn sweater’ (jumper) and doesn’t have to be perfect, just warm.

      You know, I hadn’t noticed the ‘angel’ until you mentioned it; thanks! I feel even better now . . . and I’ll think of her there from now on.

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