While you are waiting . . .

Those of you in the southern hemisphere will not thank me for this, but the rest of you  might . . . google “Slow TV Norway” and then follow up a few of the links.

***just saw your comment, Wendy; here is the search I meant, click on this and a list of links will show up***  😦  sadly, the live streaming seems not to be working; I hope they will upload some of that soon; it looked awesome, what I managed to see of it . . .


YouTube programs; check out the fjord cruise link; Mum and I caught part of it when it aired. Loved it! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=slow%20tv%20norway&oq=slow%20tv%20norway&gs_l=youtube.3..0.1979.3524.0.3908.…0.0…1ac.1.11.youtube.nApq_4OOpu8

This is a different knitting link, showing silently how to do what I’ve been doing; knit with two colours, one yarn in each hand:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsP63A_nsfw&list=PLF53158006B91FAE8

This is the BEST ‘fad’ ever and I hope it lasts! and spreads to Canada, at least! Just what I’ve been wanting . . . I’m not saying anything more, as I have a lot to do and as usual have left it for late in the day. We have plumbers coming anytime after eight tomorrow morning to replace all the water valves, so two bathrooms and the kitchen. I have yet to move stuff so they can do what’s needed. And tomorrow evening I’m back downstairs with my Aunty, so I’ll have to tidy up before that. I hope they don’t come at eight, but that’s the most likely, as we are on the top floor of the building.

I owe you all a post and have photos for one, but it’s not written yet. I’ve been very slack of late, haven’t I? But there is a silver lining and light in the tunnel (better not be a train, I tell you!) and I’ll have to share that soon.

Funny how the universe seems to send what I need just when I need it; this time it was a new edition of an old favourite book (although I say favourite with some reservations lol) But that’s for next time . . .

In the meantime, those of you with time to have a quick peep at some of those google search results are welcome to share your thoughts . . . The knitting event was on our news here last night, which led me to look it up. I haven’t had time to do much viewing, but it’s on the menu now . . .

Have a great week, everyone. Back soon, I think.

Oh, that title was meant to mean ‘while you are waiting for me to write a proper post’; not that I imagine for one minute that any of you have so little going on that you are simply sitting and waiting . . . but, just in case, do check out that search, ok? If you only have time to check out one link, I highly recommend the ‘knitting’ one.  🙂


8 thoughts on “While you are waiting . . .

  1. I got so caught up with researching new ferments and amazing Asian desserts yesterday that I didn’t even get to my RSS Feed Reader so today I have to “read”. I don’t have time in the day like I used to because we are up over our heads getting the garden going. We finally finished “fully enclosing” it yesterday and are officially feeling our ages ;). My fingers are so battered, cut and bruised they are suffering just typing and my nose is sunburned but we stoically refused to give in till we finished it all yesterday…except for a small bit that we forgot to join on one of the sides that Bezial showed us by barging through it yesterday ;). Glad it was Bezial and not Earl! Next step planting everything we have ready out into the garden. I am SO EXCITED…can you tell? :). I should be able to grow enough veggies, flowers and herbs inside this huge compound for all of my family and for neighbours and friends as well :). I LOVE sharing :)…talking about sharing, I have saved those links and will head off when I have a few spare moments to check them out. I love a good reality T.V. fire 😉

    • I loved the idea of a special on wood fires, then eight hours of a fireplace type fire. That’s the ‘reality tv’ for me!

      We saw a bit of the special on sheep, wool, etc. last night, followed by a few minutes of the live broadcast as the wool was carded, spun, then knitted into a man’s jumper. I’d love to watch tbe whole thing. The couple of hours we saw some while ago of the cruise up the fjords was fascinating, partly in itself, but also because both Mum’s parents were born in Norway.

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