The ubiquitous GMOs ….. they are everywhere!!

Can’t believe I never noticed what happens when you reverse ‘GMO’ . . .

It Is What It Is


7 Things You Need To Know About GMOs

The new GMO OMG documentary aims to disclose what labels try to hide

ByLeah Zerbe from

The average person may not know what the term GMO means but is certainly eating GMOs, and probably at every meal. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are created when scientists take DNA from one species and insert it into another in a way that would never occur naturally.

It’s a complicated process, but award-winning filmmaker Jeremy Seifert aims to explain how chemical companies have quietly overtaken our food system, flooding it with unlabeled GMO ingredients, in the new GMO OMG documentary.

It debuts this week at the Yale Environmental Film Festival.

Here are 7 takeaway messages from the film:

#1. GMOs are everywhere.
Almost all of the corn, soy, cotton, canola, and sugar beets grown in this country are genetically engineered to either produce…

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6 thoughts on “The ubiquitous GMOs ….. they are everywhere!!

  1. By telling people that they don’t have the right to know what is going into their food they are being officially told that they don’t have a say. When you take people’s right to choose the most basic of things that is vital for their survival (and food is right up there folks!) you are messing with humanity on a big scale. When you can get big enough to get governments onside with you THAT is the terrifying thing!

    • Yes. I agree with you on all that. What was done to shut up and discredit early whistleblowers was horrible, but some didn’t quit. I have enormous respect for whistleblowers; they put everything on the line so we can know the truth. Still, most of us go on fiddling while the planet burns, ignoring it ’cause it’s too big or ’cause they don’t know what they can do about all these issues.

      I also have enormous respect for all those who do find ways to stand up for truth in small ways; all you hippies, hugellers, urban homesteaders, alternative architects and so many, many more. There is very little I can do at present but recycle, be thrifty and buy what organics I can. Hats off to all of you, though!

      • Yes, it is! That’s why I love knowing you are all out there, making random acts of kindness for the earth, the future, all of us, too. Underground habits for middle-earth hobbits!!
        The growvolution rocks on . . .

  2. I just can’t understand the furor over labeling food that contains GMO’s if there is nothing wrong with GMO’s like they promise. We have GMO labeling here in Australia, not that it matters as it’s in such tiny print. Still, it is there for those who label read.

    • Exactly! The books I’ve read on the early research and the hushing up of negative results was so scary I quit reading about it. To me, the money people are nearly all sociopaths; they could care less about the effects of their choices and actions.

      I just want a choice, is all. GMOs are out there and I don’t think we can undo that now. Makes for a very frightening future. A real ‘horror movie’, eh?

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