2 thoughts on “THE HORRIBLE KID – Part III: A tale from the Lone Arranger

  1. Sorry Linnie, no time to read it today…no time to think, or talk or do anything except study to feed the lecturer monster until the end of the month whereby we will rise up, slay the lecturer monster, free our fellow students, be given a ticker-tape parade through Launceston and will start our new lives as Heroic permaculturalists who rose up David and Goliath style to tackle a many tentacled monster that was firmly indentured in the established heirachy and that refused to yield it’s stubborn grasp on it’s free ride to the top…consider yourself warned dear lecturer!!! 😉

    • No worries, Narfie7! I’ve been having a hard time keeping up, too (while adding a few new blogs to my reader; go figure!). Between studies and that amazing enclosed garden, I’m surprised you have any time at all! I know I’d be sleeping the sleep of the just . . . See you when your heads are above water again and that Hydra of a lecturer has been duly vanquished 😉

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