20131118-015312.jpg It snowed all day Saturday but wasn’t too cold out, in spite of the forecast. This is on the way to the mall for groceries.

20131118-015415.jpg Another view along the way.

20131118-015439.jpg Our new front steps. Note the shallowness of each tread.

20131118-015551.jpg my rolly cart full of groceries. How do you like the railings? Oh, right, they made the new steps a different shape, so the old railings didn’t fit. They weren’t going to put in new ones, then said they would put in a single rail up the centre. My Mum is very independent and could go up and down with no problem when there was a railing. Now she needs at least one person to help her. A single rail means no improvement, for she will still need a hand to go from the rail to the siderails at the top. Also, with nothing to hang onto myself, if one of us slips on the narrow steps, we could both be in trouble. Mum has pointed out to several condo board members that a lawsuit will cost much more than a railing . . . I think she has a bolshie streak . . . πŸ˜‰

Well, the snow was the first surprise (sorta; it IS winter, after all!).

The real surprise I hinted at the other day:

20131118-021120.jpg Can you see my fingertip peeking out of the opening at the top of an armscye steek? I’ve been practising Kitchener Stitch (don’t think I’ve done it before) to join the front and back of the Fair Isle style cardi at the shoulders.

20131118-021654.jpg Here’s my work so far. The shoulders I’m joining are at the top.

20131118-021815.jpg Here’s a close-up of the neck opening. The stitch counter is there to mark the centre of the cardi front. The shoulders aren’t done yet ’cause I stopped stitching to write this post.

Now it’s 2:20 am, so it’s off to bed for me, with these:

20131118-022236.jpg Yummy grapes, crisp and juicy, and one of my favourite books that I am re-reading again . . .

I heard a young woman who works in a library being interviewed on the news the other day. When the reporter commented on the current shift to electronic media, she said that books were ‘old-fashioned’!! Lucky for her I wasn’t within reach . . . I wonder if one is allowed to blog from a cell . . .


14 thoughts on “Surprises!

    • Thanks, Pauline! I was nominated by Country Lady, too; as I said to her, I think I’ll just go through the process once. I appreciate your including me in your list. ~ Linne

  1. Your knitting looks incredibly complicated! I don’t think you could blog from a cell but it would be quite interesting to read, you could perhaps have “How to decorate a small space on a budget” type of posts πŸ˜‰

    • I was thinking, Jen, maybe I could do a series of posts on that, using a virtual cell as a model. Oh, right, that’s been done (sort of) before . . . by Martha Stewart! Only she wasn’t in a virtual cell; it was a real one!! lol

  2. Just in time, a book recommendation! The bookmobile comes Wednesday (every other week) and I just put this book by Guy Gavriel Ray on my holds list. Hope it makes it on board. I’m ready for a Viking fantasy! We’ve got endless rain…much easier than snow, but not as pretty. πŸ™‚

    • Hope you like it, Christi; he’s the best novelist in Canada, in my opinion (of course, depends what you like). If you do like him, I highly recommend “The Lions of Al-Rassan”, which I’ve re-read more than any of his other books. His books are all subtle, complex and riveting. I know some of his works are used as texts in a New Zealand uni, although I prefer to love them without deconstruction. I can do that with other writers . . .

      This one depicts the interaction between cultures built on the Vikings, the English of King Arthur’s time and the Gaels. Now that I’ve re-read them all so many times, I notice when minor characters appear who hail from countries in the other books. Do let me know what you think; I don’t have a problem with people not loving what I love. πŸ™‚

  3. I enjoyed reading this post Linne, So much snow, so early in the season – I forget that a goodly portion of the world lives with winters that last through 5 months and are mostly white and crisp and very cold! We get cold-ish and grey and sometimes frosty and sometimes wet, but then again sometimes sunny ….. for about 3 months. It’s considered a hard winter if it snows for more than 3 days anywhere around here – and if it snows at all I get quite excited….. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been busy dealing with problems in my Etsy shop, but think I have it on track now and can catch up on my reading πŸ™‚

    Love the knitting!!

    • Pauline, where you live is much like the west coast, where I spent most of my life. Took me a while (a couple of years or so) to get used to the rain (from age 7 to 19 I lived in south central BC), but I grew to love that climate.

      In 2012 the first snow came in mid-October and the last (2013) fell in mid-May. I know it could be worse, but I whinge a lot anyway . . . πŸ˜‰

  4. Everything “Old Fashioned” is IN fashion at the moment. I have to create a website from scratch (HTML, CSS and all of that stuff) and had to think of an idea to mock it up. I decided to call it “Sustainability on a Shoestring” and am having a ball talking about how to do “Old Fashioned” things in order to give yourself a quality of life you probably couldn’t afford if you tacked a middle man into the equation. How to minimise cost, think outside the box when it comes to “I NEED something…” and how to renegotiate what you really do want and need and take advertising, societal pressure and the relentless call of the consumeristic wild from dragging you into something that both you, and the world can’t afford any more. Its great fun but I am SO lucky that Steve is techy or I would have thrown the PC out the window and over the deck by now and one of our clucky chooks would be sitting on eggs in the space between the ousted monitor and keyboard…now THAT is a good use for defunct technology! πŸ˜‰

    • I built a couple of sites that way, back in the day . . . I prefer something like Dreamweaver (have it but haven’t used it much) or HoTMetaL Pro, which I’ve used more. I always say I’m a driver, not a mechanic. I can mechanic around a bit when pressed, but prefer not. Hence my very sexist remark (and apologies in advance to all the lovely husbands and partners out there) “That’s why God created men!” my condolences and I bet you ace the course, frustrations notwithstanding.

      • We are using Dreamweaver for the course (have to) and it’s a great bit of software and we are having fun using it. The only problem is that we got a week or two worth of learning how to use it and then have to produce something amazing to give to our lecturer…you can imagine there might be one or two teething problems in the production πŸ˜‰

      • Yep! As I recall, it’s quite complex. I was enjoying it, too (with bits of hair-pulling here and there), but it doesn’t have a learning curve, it has a learning back-flip! My own computers are not set up, so I haven’t seen my programmes for a couple of years; since the spraying episodes before the great flood in my apt. My sister gave me a hard drive reader, so I should be able to remove my drives and then pass on the rest of my units. Haven’t learned to do that techy bit yet, though and really don’t want to mess up the job. One day . . .

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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