Weather or not . . . (short . . . ish)

That title is from my Mum, who used to say to me (when I whinged on about the weather):

“Weather is weather, whether we like it or not . . .”

Snow fell through much of the nught, I gather, ’cause this is what we woke to:

20131122-083828.jpg It has drifted onto the balcony (some from the day before):

20131122-083928.jpg This was the back path yesterday morning:

20131122-084025.jpg This morning:

But already the maintenance guy has been out with the snowblower and now it’s back to this:

It is pretty . . .



In case you’re worried, I will not be posting “latest snowfall” photos every day. πŸ˜‰

This is unusual, though, even for Edmonton. I told my Aunty that if this continues, we’ll be able to step off the balcony and walk away . . .

I’m going out in it at 10 this morning; Mum has an appointment at the eye specialist and I’m going with her. My sister will pick us up and bring us back, though. We’ll need her support on those front steps.

20131122-085048.jpg (photo from only a couple of weeks ago)
Have a great day, my friends; if it’s raining, do stick your head out and inhale that lovely wet earth and plants scent for me, will you? You can sniff the lovely wet dog, too, if you like . . . πŸ˜‰ I still miss dogs . . . maybe wet ones not so much . . .

Forgot to say: it’s -15C (-21C with the windchill) and another 5 cm (2inches) is expected this morning!

I apologize to your FeedReaders for the updates, but right after I hit ‘post’, I looked out again . . .

20131122-091222.jpg See those? Maybe a higher resolution picture will do it . . .

20131122-091332.jpg You can see the new snow accumulating on the back path already . . . It’s almost enough to make me go out and build some snow people – if I had a snowsuit . . .


16 thoughts on “Weather or not . . . (short . . . ish)

  1. Gads, I don’t know what’s worse, ton’s of freezing snow or ton’s of melting snow. I got stuck yesterday in 2 feet deep piles of wet rutted snow clumps. I’m over winter in a big way.

    • I have to say, I don’t miss driving in the slush; especially since so many people seem unwilling to drive to conditions. Hope it wasn’t too hard getting unstuck. I haven’t had a vehicle for some time, as the bus is easy for me and my work was always easy to get to with the bus or the LRT. Good luck over the next few months . . . Then we’ll be back to heat and flash floods, I bet! πŸ™‚

    • I’d love it too, Ellen, if I hadn’t had a few falls since I moved here. But it’s not the snow I dislike, really, it’s the -30C temps. And, to be fair, we don’t have them all winter long. This past week has been quite lovely. I haven’t had time to go out and play, but I do enjoy looking at the beauty while on my way to the grocery store and back. The other thing, of course, is that the moisture is so good for the land. My parents grew up on the prairies (well, Dad waa only there for a few years, then his family moved to BC) during the dirty 30s and I’d hate to see that happen again.

      It seems to take me a couple of weeks to adjust to winter’s onset every year; after that, I’m usually fine. ~ Linne

    • Well, the good thing is, you know where your kidlets are . . . πŸ˜‰ But, truly, better weather soon. I bet your fingers are just itching to get dirty! Wonder where the kids get it from . . .

  2. Actually, Linne – It IS raining here today – and the temperatures are dropping so much so that I built a fire and made a cup of tea. Wish you could join me! ❀

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