Boycott Nestle Company and support Sum Of Us as they work to effect change (and more on water rights)

The CEO of Nestles is on camera saying that they don’t believe that water is a human right. Nestles has fought to have water downgraded to a ‘human need’, which means they can bottle and sell water to those most vulnerable.

Sum Of Us is asking for donations of $1, which can be given via PayPal. This is such a crucial issue. Read more about it here:

I was part of the first two Nestles boycotts, started when they were condemned by the World Health Organization for the way in which they promoted baby formula in third world countries. They had their salespeople dress like doctors and nurses, then tell mothers that they should be more ‘civilized’ and follow the ‘advanced’ peoples of the first world. Mothers would believe them, buy the product, overdilute it to save money, often with contaminated water. Their babies no longer received the natural antibodies that breast milk provides and many of them died. Nestles was condemned for these practises in Africa, but my understanding is that they continue to do the same today in Asian countries.

This is a seriously sociopathic company, bordering on psychopathic (in my opinion, never so humble, as you know) and they need to feel our wrath. I do not buy Nestles products and have not since the 60s. Please feel free to either re-blog or to post your own take on this.

If you believe that we all have a right to clean water, you will be interested in this article:

A short excerpt:

This memory of horrific abuse and the theft of wealth across the sea was not lost on the Bolivian soul when, in the 1980s and 1990s, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided to make Bolivia a laboratory for their own modern experiments in global economics. Using the contemporary tools of economic power –

holding up loans, aid, and debt relief – the Bank and IMF influenced and outright coerced the Bolivian government into selling or leasing its public enterprises into corporate hands. One by one the Bolivian government sold or leased off the national airline, the railroad, and the electric company, often with disastrous results. The Chilean purchaser of the railroad dismantled it for parts and shut it down.

Don’t know about you (but I can guess!), but I’m done with the unbridled greed and cruelty displayed so often these days. I believe that if we stand together and share knowledge, we can make lasting and effective changes.

Ok, that’s it from the soapbox today . . . thanks for taking the time to read and think about this.

A last word on water:

And something beautiful to take away with you . . .


12 thoughts on “Boycott Nestle Company and support Sum Of Us as they work to effect change (and more on water rights)

  1. Nestle is already on my boycott list. Sadly there are a few products that, if you use them you have no choice but to buy nestle. Carnation condensed milk is one as it’s made/owned by Nestle. Like LÓreal, Nestle have their fingers in many pies, both are amongst several on my boycott list.
    Here in Australia we have the Ethical Consumer guide which helps us identify the best products to buy. I’ve use the book but now have the iPhone app which is worth the few bucks spent on it. It tells you which companies have a boycott call, which are met with criticisms, praises, neutral and the praises and criticisms are split between strong and not so strong which helps you decide between 2 evils if needs be. It explains some of the bad things about industries, poddy calves in the milk industry and over fishing for any ocean food etc. The infant formula has a nte that breast is best. It’s good for details and you can trace back company ownership through several companies if necessary (LÓreal come up parent company in many instances) and it also breaks down where companies may have a boycott call overseas but not in Australia and why (Coca-Cola Amatil are boycotted overseas due to all sorts of intimidations and nastiness but in Australia we have less neighbours to bribe or kill so they’re marked as less evil here). It’s a brilliant app/book. It makes it MUCH easier to dodge the big arsehole companies like Nestle and their shonky behaviours.
    As one of the “great unwashed” here too (I do shower daily Linne but I’m a pleb none the less 😉 ) I realise I am part of the majority voting party. We the little people are the only ones with the power to stop this.

    • Wish we had an Ethical Consumers’ Guide . . . there should be a political section, too, of course . . . love how yours works, with evil and bad ratings, as you say, so one can pick between them. When I figure out my iTunes password, I’ll see if it’s available here, too.
      Thanks for the recommendation. ~ Linne

      You are so right, too; we the plebes can stop them; now for us to get it together and act as one!

  2. I don’t buy any of their products and never will again. A good post Linne.

    I also love Dr Emoto’s research on water, really interesting and I figure very applicable to us and our emotions…alot to be said for being nice to ourselves!

    • Thanks, Wendy; it’s such an important issue! Now to convince the ostriches to pull their heads out of the sand in time to bring these guys to their knees (or lower).

      When I first learned about “thoughts are things”, I began to realize how important our daily thinking is. But it takes a lot of commitment and practise to change it in a more positive direction. For a long time I felt like a failure for my inner negativity, which is really just adding to it; now I see myself on a sort of sliding scale; if I feel I am moving toward the negative pole, I can always do something to move in the other direction. I like how FLYlady calls thinking badly of ourselves “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” 😉 I now see ALL my negativity as that.

      • Yep, negative thinking is a cycle of beating up on yourself then feeling down because of it….but we do it for so long and it starts so discretely we have no idea sometimes what is happening. Being aware of what we are doing to ourselves is the biggy. I like that “Stinkin’ Thinkin”:)

      • Yes, and I suspect women do it more, in general. Awareness is hard come by, but essential, isn’t it? I like “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ “, too. The term, I mean, not me doing it . . . 😉

    • My family wasn’t religious, but in my first year and a bit of school our teacher always had us say Grace before eating our lunch. I returned to this later in my life, but have lapsed since I moved here. Reading about Dr. Emoto again reminded me that there are practical, physical, reasons behind this practise. In blessing our food abd giving thanks for it, we change its vibratory patterns and this is a benefit to our bodies. I know a lot of people will find this a bit ‘woo-woo’, but physics is bearing this out now that we recognise that merely observing an experiment alters the results . . .

    • Yes, but have you noticed how many bottles of nestles water are in your own grocery store? In the ‘western’ countries we (most of us) quite happily sign up for mass brainwashing via the tube. No guns and enforcers needed here, no sir! Just hand us ‘bread and circuses’ (‘entertainment’ and ‘sports’) and we will hand over our hard-won $$$$$ . . .

      Many of the third world people don’t have the tech stuff yet, so predators like nestles and monsanto buy government reps and push for laws that serve their greed.

      I love that poster that says
      “There IS no PLANet B!”

      These guys scare me silly. It’s like being dumped in the middle of an African big game preserve; we have few (and small) defences; and sooner or latervwe will encounter the big guys.

      What we all forget, or seem to, is that when we all stand together, we can whip these idiots. I just hope there are enough of us taking action and sharing the knowledge . . . I am constantly surprised (still!) by the number of people who refuse to think about anything more challenging than what one-name ‘star’ is dating what other one-name ‘star’. A world full of fiddlin’ Neros, it seems like (on some days).

      Those are the even days; on the odd days, I think of you, Jess, Christi, Wendy; so many more I have now ‘met on the net’ and hope raises her wee resilient head once more . . .

      • There are lots of us…most of us actually, the sad bewildered fools that worship the latest and greatest trends seem to get the most air time because they are the ones keeping the consumerism going so thus they get “rewarded” with attention. I would rather unconsume in solidarity with the great unwashed cheers very much, my favourite place to be 🙂

      • Are you unwashed ’cause you don’t buy nestles water?? Now THERE’S a great ad for them . . . no worries, I’m not tellin’ 😉

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