free patterns for small Christmas gifts.

If you like making cute, small things for Christmas, as gifts or to add to something larger, look no longer . . . The heart ornaments are adorable! ~ Linne

12 thoughts on “free patterns for small Christmas gifts.

  1. Love the hearts too! IF I can squeeze in the time…
    Our tree this year is a choice between a branch of cyprus or the plastic tree my parents bought nearly 40 years ago when they were first married. The plastic one has earned its place having been used so long (and it has life left in it for sure) but the cyprus branch, cut from the trees across our creek is local and will smell great too. It will become kindling for the first fire of the new year too so waste not.

  2. We are going to make cold porcelain discs with the boys footprints on this year (and Qi’s if we can get her to stay still long enough 😉 ) for our tree. Not sure what the “tree” is going to be yet, saw an AMAZING idea with wound wire in a cone that might end up being my folly this year…better make a start on “something” or else it will be last years twig again 😉

    • I love that idea, Narfie7! Are you taking one print, then making a mould? Or are they patient enough to do a series? That wire tree sounds very interesting . . . WE have a tiny (about 18″) tree, already decorated, that my sister and I got for Mum a couple of years ago, when she spent the holidays in a rehab hospital (for back pain); the staff were mostly on holiday, so not much was done, but we had Christmas with her there; I even filled a stocking and left it with a nurse to ‘hide’ for her to have in the morning. Of course, sharp lady that she is, she woke and ‘caught’ the nurse, who then made up a fib about what she was doing by Mum’s wee tree . . . Lucky it was late at night and the room was dark . . .

      Looking forward to your pictures and process . . . especially with the ornaments . . . hugs to you. ~ Linne

    • Glad you liked it, Pauline! I used to love adding a small hand-made ornanent to my gift wrap. I had more time in those days . . . or I should say, I used my time differently; I still get the full 24 hours . . . 😉

      • Yes, and they look easy. I was thinking I might make a few to tuck in the box I’m sending to the grandkidlets this year. It was meant to go last year, but didn’t make it . . .

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