Virgin America’s Safety Dance

and now for something completely different! If you plan on flying, watch this video first. Just sayin’!! 😉 ~ Linne

20 thoughts on “Virgin America’s Safety Dance

    • That was so great! Thanks!!! I’d forgotten all about them, and never was any video; just heard them on radio a few times. Cute guy, with the hair, eh? 😉 Loved all the visuals, too; horses, mediaeval clothes, that village . . . some places just make me wanna move there . . . 🙂

      • Yeah…they were pretty strange. One hit wonders and what was with that poor long suffering capering little person?!!! Glad you liked it…sometimes that song gets stuck in my head for days on end. No idea why, they don’t play it on the radio any more but sometimes it just decides that it might take up residence and drives me mad till it fades into the ether 😉

      • No idea about the little person. Sorry.

        Songs stick with me very easily; most are ones I love; others, not so much, like ad jingles (yucchhhh to most of ’em). I have a weird thing like a pretty constant soundtrack in my head; if I’m focused I don’t notice it; other times it is very ‘present’. Sometimes one song repeated, other times a whole set by one singer or group, other times it’s like a playlist on ‘random’ . . . I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but I’m very aware of it these days . . .

      • Only thing that works for me is to play (in my head) something I like better. You could try “It’s a Marshmallow World” . . . no, don’t; I was just kidding, honest . . . how about Runrig’s “Hearts of Olden Glory”? That’s what’s on my inner playlist right now . . .

        “There must be a place
        under the sun,
        Where hearts of olden glory
        grow young”

      • Nope, never heard of either of them…I find a good head cleanser to be Back in Black (the entire album) by ACDC. After listening to the entire album consisting of exactly 3 chords in combinations of “LOUD!!!” I find nothing else will penetrate the space between my ears for some time…”ear-worms BEWARE!” 😉

      • I was kidding about Marshmallow World. When I managed a Lewiscraft shop that was set up inside a large Hudson’s Bay store, we got to listen to their canned music all day . . . this was one of our most disliked ‘songs’. One of our staff hated it so much, the rest of us would tease her by singing part of it; then it would be in her head. We loved that lady, but teasing ran wild with us. She did get us back by making us laugh out loud. Now she lives in Edinburgh and is doing stand-up comedy . . . But don’t listen to that song, unless you need a new rant . . .

      • Never got into ACDC; wasn’t much for electric when I was young. I’ve expanded my range a bit over the past years, though. Will have to revisit them . . . you’re never too old to lose your hearing 😉 and at least the ear-worms will be gone, too . . . 😉 love that concept . . . ear-worms . . .

      • Yeah, my sister coined the phrase with me when I was complaining about having a specific song stuck in my head and the phrase has stuck (seems to fit well 😉 ). ACDC are a good Aussie export, just figured I should push them if one was going to go deaf, may as well be with 3 chords ;). If any members of ACDC are reading this comment and would like to renumerate me for promoting their band please feel free to contact me! 😉

      • I’ve been being lazy, but have lots to do, so I’m off now. Have a wonderful day, Narfie! So nice chatting with you 🙂

      • I am trying to stuff my RSS Feed Read into the “empty” box…without much luck so far ;). Have a great evening/day whatever it is over there my friends 🙂

      • Just realized we are here at the same time (well, not clock time, but you know)

        am standing up and waving now . . . can you see me? Good thing I’m tall . . .

        Warm hugs, though you’d probably prefer cool ones . . .

      • At the moment I am sitting in a warm jumper with wooly socks and a queen sized big wooly brown blanket wrapped around me and its raining intermitently outside and cold…summer? Go figure! NOT that I am complaining (oh great rain master above…) because I don’t have to water the garden today and my veggies will go completely mental with the rainwater :). Gotta spend today ferrying edibles in pots from Steve’s shed into my now fully operational (and enclosed) veggie garden. I am having to use slug pellets at the moment as the sliggity little bollocks are slithering for miles around and bringing their hard shelled mates for a feast at our expense. I don’t like using them and I can’t let the dogs out in the garden any more but if we want to get veggies we are going to have to nail those slimy suckers!

      • Well, extra warm hugs, then!

        I hear you on the rain. I will resist the urge to send our weather south ’til you have dried out a bit 😉

        Have you tried putting wood ashes around the outer perimeter of the garden to keep slugs et al out? You have to replenish, I hear, as rain washes it away. Beer in saucers drowns ’em, too. Bit of a waste, but you could use cheap beer . . .

        BTW, please give Steve a hug for me . . . he knows why 🙂

        Ok, I’m really off now . . . 😉

      • Gotta say I would most likely catch that Steve that I am hugging (well…when he gets up in a couple hours 😉 ) in that beer trap as he would snarf it before the slugs got a chance to tuck in and Earl would be standing right behind him to lick the dregs 😉

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