Crochet mouse tutorial and free pattern

Another cute Christmas crochet pattern . . . ~ Linne

The Green Dragonfly


Crochet mouse free pattern 110Its finally here!!

How to make your own tiny, adorable crochet mouse… just in time for Christmas!

I found the best results with these mousies using 4ply sock yarn and a 2.5mm hook. I also made some with 3ply and a 2mm hook. I’ve yet to try this pattern with any heavier weight yarn, and I must admit I’m reluctant to, as I like the small size that the lighter weight yarn and small hook gives… I may well yet try one an even smaller mouse (squeakness… baby mice!)

These mice are about 6-7cm tall (2.5 inches) and are perfect for small hands. Holding….Crochet mouse free pattern 24and loving♥…crochet mouseor even adventuring…Crochet mouse free pattern tutorialThese cuties are made in four pieces- the body, with arms, legs and tail are crocheted all as one piece. Head and ears are crocheted separately and then sewn together. A clever little stitch called a 3 dc pop (or…

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5 thoughts on “Crochet mouse tutorial and free pattern

  1. I might actually make some of these (crochet NOT knitting 😉 ). I might tuck them all over the place…hiding behind things in red, green and white, or I might make a stash of them and half finish them so that in 4 years time when I have grandchildren and am hurriedly trying to cobble something together to gift them I can finish them off and make a mousey mobile out of them, either way SCORE! 😉

      • Earl’s poop has a half life and tends to be filled with pool noodles, hair, bits of soft toy and the odd chewed up shoe that he can get his beak onto. There is a “fossilised” reminder that “Earl waz ere” not too far down the road (when I didn’t have a bag to pick it up)…the Earl deposity has long since dissolved but the pool noodle lives on 😉

      • And I could make spare mice and hide them all over the place for grandkids to find…but FIRST source your grandkids! 😉 Might have to test it out on a friends grandkids 😉

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