A Light in the Window

Just after I replied to Pauline’s comment referencing Mandela and Gandhi, I went to draw the blinds in front of the sliding glass doors so the plants would have light and later, sun.

Here is the Universe’s response . . .




I’m in the middle of things just now, but will post more fully (quit groaning, you FeedReaders!) when I have time.

Have a great day, my friends!

20131209-130313.jpg (just to make you smile!)
That’s my indoor hibiscus, BTW, who has NEVER bloomed in winter . . .


12 thoughts on “A Light in the Window

    • I was stunned, as those are not very air-tight sliding doors and on the other side it faces west, so gets most of the winds; not so great at -40C and cooler! Also not much sun; just a couple hours or less these days.

      As well, I’d forgotten to water my poor plants, but did get to them last night.

      I wish the blooms lasted a few days, but it will likely be gone by tomorrow . . . lovely anyway, in its ephemeral way . . .

      • My dad owned a magnificent orchid. Not sure what kind, I am not an “orchid person” but this orchid never flowered once in 15 years and he finally gave up on it and started tipping his beer dregs into the pot as it was handy to his outdoor boozing chair and the next year it flowered! He kept dumping the booze in and it kept rewarding him. Sometimes plants just want a bit of attention methinks ;). You have that lovely flower forever now in that image 🙂

      • Plants can be so amazing, can’t they? I never would have thought of beer (for slugs, though . . .) A good reminder to think outside the box . . . but in which direction? That is the question . . .

        Yes, Narfie7, that image wull be with me for a long time. A semi-tropical plant blooming in the northern mid-winter . . .

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