So you thought we were ‘nice’ in Canada . . .

I just found this and thought all of you small homesteaders should know, even though the articles are over a year old. I am horrified that this would happen anywhere, but also ashamed that it happened here. I thought we were ‘nice’, too . . .

“Farmed and Dangerous”, indeed . . . If this can happen in one country, it can happen in any country. Be prepared!


12 thoughts on “So you thought we were ‘nice’ in Canada . . .

  1. Horrific and so sad. I went to her site to read about what they were doing for the update, and it made me want to cry..I feel so badly for such a kind woman trying to do something good in the world…she loved those animals….it is very scary what can happen:-( thank you for taking the time to put this post together to educate me + others

    • Yes, it is. But I see that sites like avaaz and are effecting change globally and people like you and others here effect change locally. In the end, we will win out. If there is publicity about evil, immature governance, sociopaths, etc., people will bring pressure to bear and change will come. No country is better than the rest and we need to remember that. It’s not about anyone having power over others; change comes with each bit of growth as we learn to value “power to”. My opinion, of course. 🙂

    • Forgot to say, Narfie7, boycotting works well against big business. Recent pressure on LuluLemon here has resulted in a drop in sales. I think most people will act if they are informed. Of course, we need to be sure we are informed, not brainwashed.

    • Yes, Wendy; it would have been awful if the sheep had been run-of-the-mill and sick; killing heritage sheep that were healthy is beyond my ability to understand. When the owner was trying to work with them, too . . . I felt the cruelest bit was that she paid for the pit to be dug, they changed the plan, then she was to be forced to pay for THAT!! I’ve always thought that it pays to be wary of anyone who wants to have ‘power over’ (as opposed to ‘power to’); this bears me out . . .

      I know it was nearly two years ago; I feel that we need to watch that this doesn’t happen again, anywhere!

      Publicity is better than keeping things like this hidden.

      Makes me worry, too, about what sort of actions will be taken if corporations like Monsanto and Nestles have their way. They better build bigger prisons . . . :-/

      • It’s just plain scary that there is such power over people now and in such crazy ways as this, I truly think awareness and action by the little guy is the only way to eventually get some sanity back…some things I read just break my heart that we are living under such distorted ideals laid down by idiots with all the rights.

        Years ago I had a most beautiful natured black labrador. I was home alone and saw all these guys walking down my drive in khaki clothing all armed with rifles….not a scene you see every day in NZ!!! I rushed out the back to find these rifles aimed at my dog. I yelled “Stop! wtf are you doing!?” They told me my dog was responsible for attacking neighbouring sheep, they had to put him down. I insisted he had been home with me all morning and they didn’t believe me. After a long conversation with me almost hysterical I said “If this happened an hour ago he will have blood or wool on him…you find any you shoot him because he’s done what you think he has done” He was jet black, not a single strand of wool could be found and they left admitting they’d made a mistake. If I hadn’t been home they would’ve killed him just like that. Every time I hear a story such as yours I think about this day and the hopeless feeling of the people who are losing animals to unthinking, uncaring morons.

    • Montana, I was stunned! Still am, actually. I don’t get it at all. What you are doing there is so, SO important. I hope you don’t let this stop you. I know it’s hard to keep on in the face of such incredible hardship, but please do . . . I’ll be following your blog, too. Hugs to you. ~ Linne

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