Anyone can have a snowman, even in +40 Aussie land . . . indoors, outdoors, here are some great photos and they may give you ideas . . . ~ Linne


Since most of the country is in the deep freeze, there are undoubtedly a lot of snow men making people smile over their chattering teeth.

Any snowman makes me smile, but here are some that are particularly frosty and friendly.

Snowmen  This would be great if we only got SNOW !!! (sigh)






✝☮✿★ SNOWMAN ✝☯★☮






What if you live in the South?  What if you just don’t have the time to make a snowman outdoors?  You can still have a snow man around the house…e-r-r-r-r- inside the house.

snowman craft images | Cowie's Craft & Cooking Corner: Melted Snowman Ornament

melted snowman from

Battery Operated Tea Light.  Add a little ribbon, hat and black and orange marker

Use a battery lighted tea light and some ribbon.

Snowman jar



30 Creative and Fun DIY Snowman Decorations


❥ Snowman stars~ how sweet


DIY Log Snowman Tutorial


snowman donuts

snowman doughnuts  visit

Chipping with Charm: Canning Jar Snowman...


Use a flower holder as a stand.

Florida Beach Snowman

Bye for now!  Have a Merry Christmas!  Create and be happy.

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6 thoughts on “Snowmen

    • Thanks so much, Jenn. I find when things get stressful, a smile or a laugh helps. The weather is weird in so many places just now; we have over 200,000 homes without power in eastern Canada; that was the Christmas Eve news (and more in the States, I’m sure). In Toronto they say there might be power by Thursday or Friday. But it’s bringing out generosity in so many; lovely to see.

      I loved those photos; I can’t decide which I like best . . .

      Merry Christmas (but I think yours must be nearly done by now; ours is just an hour old). ~ Linne

    • 🙂
      Wonder if you could make a ‘dead weeds snowman’. Guess that would be more like a strawman, eh?

      Good luck with the snipping . . . you might consider a couple of sheep; Earl and Bezial could play ‘sheepdogs’ 🙂

      • Frank, our “barely restraining myself” neighbour next door who spends endless hours a day (rain or shine) whipper snipping what is left of the vegetation on his block would have conniptions if I erected a man made of straw. It might just be the last “straw” literally! (sorry, couldn’t resist that one 😉 ) He already thinks my preserved piles of debris aka “prospective hugels” are incredible fire risks and every time we do something new he is twitching his luxury curtains of his industrial house next door with his high powered binoculars working overtime. Sometimes we do crazy things just to give him something to watch! Steve was out on the deck singing songs loudly yesterday and I dare say Frank wrote it down in his “evidence book” ;). Sheep would just be one more thing for Earl to bark at. The feral cats have all birthed copiously. There are at least 20 cats now on Serendipity Farm and most of them are frolicking like crazy and cute as buttons…”get your notebook out Frank, you are going to be scribbling overtime!” 😉

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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