A Toast to 2014, inspired by Narf7 . . .

A Little Black Bolshie Duckie Toast . . . to 2014
Here’s to the hippies, the old and the new;
The outcasts, the beatniks, the whole motley crew.                 
And here’s to the bolshie babes, and to their men
Who plant, weed and harvest again and again.
 The hugelkind kulturers, keepers of bees,
The rockers of children, the kissers of knees.
The goatherds, the shepherds, the makers of soap
The cheesemakers, quilters, creators of hope.
Let’s drink to the builders who shelter and mend
The world’s broken places, ‘til on past the bend
of the long weary journey they pause and look back
to see that the rifts are now barely a crack.
Here’s to the village, the virtual realm
The world’s a wee boat now, with you at the helm.
So healing’s begun, creativity’s rife,
Let’s all raise our glass to a good country life
In the city or country, a cottage can be
The source of our sustenance, where we can see
That no matter how humble, the place we love best
Is a home the heart yearns for, where each may find rest
Where frugal’s the watchword, where kindness abounds,
So that all ‘round the globe are heard wondrous sounds
Of planting and healing, of making and more
Of building a world that is good to the core.
Here’s to our friends, our relations, our foes
(without them we wouldn’t have kept on our toes),
We might not have grown so much, opened our minds
Not to mention our hearts, to the knowledge each finds
In the virtual village, where dwell kindred souls
Who walk their own paths to the same central goals
While improving the world in the east and the west,
The north and the south, in each place we love best. 
And here’s to the poets (not me) and the wise
The artists who open our magical eyes.
The writers, the marchers, the builders of cairns
Let’s all raise a glass to our friends and the bairns
Who, nurtured with kindness, will learn what they see
And one day will carry the torch we set free.
We’ll go to our rest, the young will go on . . .
And the world will awake to a lovely new dawn.
Let’s raise a glass of beer or wine, of kombucha or tea;
Let’s raise a glass to what has been and what is yet to be
Let’s drink a toast to those we’ve known, to those who’ve gone before,
To those we’ll meet in days to come, beside an open door.
I drink to the world that is soon to be born, to its faeries, its imps and its elves,
to all of the midwives that welcome it home and to every last one of your selves.
I have loved sharing the journey with each one of you, my readers; I look forward to more of the same in the coming year. Stay strong, keep the faith, look up and ahead . . .  With much love and appreciation, I wish you each joy, strength, hope, inspiration, love, creativity, healing, and so much more. 
A Most Happy New Year to you all!  ~ Linne

Footnote: this was inspired by Narf7 of The Road to Serendipity (Christmas Day post).

I hope those of you who prefer modern verse will forgive my indulgence in some pretty basic rhythm and rhyme; I honestly don’t  have time to do more. Warm hugs to everyone and I’m back to the kitchen . . .  (why didn’t you tell me Christmas was coming? I would have been ready . . .)     ~ L.


15 thoughts on “A Toast to 2014, inspired by Narf7 . . .

  1. Linne how in the world did I miss this? it is wonderful.. you wrote this the week that my computer crashed and I was unable to open my reader or see my stats and my oldest son had to do some work on my system… The poem is lovely and should be shared! So thats what I am going to do… I am posting it on my face book account a little later then would have hoped but I just love it

  2. You nailed it girl! 🙂 Love this…love it, am saving it, and am sharing it on Pinterest. Not because it has anything to do with me, but because it is a wonderful example of social media gone RIGHT. 🙂

    • Now I’m blushing . . . it’s not high poetry, just common verse, but I did have fun with it . . .

      Thanks for your kind words. And, truly, it has EVERYTHING to do with you; if you hadn’t used those particular words, in that way, I wouldn’t have written anything . . . something grabbed me, picked me up and shook it out of me . . . where WERE those two furbies, anyway??

      • I did share it on Pinterest because I thought it was a really good poem and completely explained how it is to be long distance mates all around the globe, how we help each other when we need to know something and how we spread the love around and make our small community so much bigger and better than the individual components…not only that but we buoy each other and give each other hope, faith and joy and THAT is a community 🙂

      • Thank you twice; for sharing it (who knows where it will end up?) and for ‘getting’ what I wanted to say. I think it was pure Serendipity . . . 🙂

    • Thank you, Wendy. I mean every word of it, too! I haven’t written for some time, but am getting the itch again . . . Hugs to you both; hope you are kicking back and enjoying the aftermath . . . I’m off to get started on Mum’s gift . . . couldn’t do it with her here. 😉 ~ Linne

  3. Personally, I enjoy a good rhyme Linne 🙂 And there’s some great pentameter going on in there!
    Love, love, loved Narf’s post and love, love, love this one! What a great Christmas this has become with the added warmth and thoughts of so many from all points of the globe.

    Merry Christmas my friend 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks, Pauline. I learned poetry some time ago 🙂 but forgot that was pentameter; it just comes naturally, for some reason. I read Narf’s post and the words just jumped into my head and rearranged themselves . . .

      I’m glad you are having a great Christmas; it’s 3:15 am here, so just beginning.

      Guess I have to wish you a Merry Christmas week now, eh? Well, consider it done!

      Love and Light to you, too! xoxox back, too. 😉 ~ Linne

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