Quick Update

In case you are wondering, I am not asleep with the bears and other hibernators . . . I have several draft posts partly finished, but not fit ready to upload. I have been busy, though, and there have been some interesting posts to read when I did have a few moments . . . like Mr. 23Thorns’ latest, which had me laughing even while I clenched my fists in rage . . . see it at:

I dug out a journal I began in early 2007 and have been writing in it daily.

I also found a sketchbook given to me in 2005, with only a few skimpy sketches in it, hidden at the back (don’t ask) and have drawn a word or simple image in it daily.

There are other creative things underway, too, but if I tell you now, what will I have left to say in the next post? (never mind reminding me about those drafts, ok?) 😉

I have made progress with the sorting and packing; some discarding has gone on and a few more things taken to storage. A bigger load is waiting to go to my crafty friends for them to use or pass on.

So I’m pretty pleased with myself in general.

Oh, and I just finished watching “Little Sparrows”, an Aussie film that is well made and provides much food for thought. I watch films instead of reading over meals if the food requires two hands, so it takes a few days to work through some of them . . .

In this one, the Mum has had her cancer come back; her three daughters and her husband are dealing with that, but more with the challenges in each one’s life. The Mum is such a good mother to her adult daughters; I loved watching her and learning from her.

Back soon, my friends! ~ Linne


15 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hi Linne and a very happy new year to you! Like you, I’ve been sorting through stuff (but I haven’t moved house!) and have been getting my life organised. It’s a balancing act, these lives of ours! 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanne and belated good wishes to you, too. It is a balancing act, isn’t it? I’ve been doing this for so long (collecting for the future and living in spaces that are too small ‘temporarily’), but I live in hope . . . 😉 However, I’m being realistic about some of it, anyway. As my time appears to be finite in this existence, I’ve decided that what’s left will be more fun if I keep the yarn and toss the pipe cleaners and artificial flowers. That sort of crafting takes a lot of time and I’d rather do other things. Somehow, though, I seem to think I will magically escape the inevitable (or at least put it off ’til I’m ‘ready’ – and in what century will that be; I ask you!). Still, I have enough supplies to keep me busy for a couple of decades at least, especially once you factor art into the equation. And who knows, when the yarn runs out, perchance I will meet some hippie homesteaders who run sheep . . . and grow dyestuffs. One never knows . . . You know, if I could just get me organized, I wouldn’t worry about getting my life organized. I’m a responsive person, so will generally drop my plans when someone suggests doing something else. Oh, well, it’s a learning thing, for sure. Nice to have companions on these journeys of ours, isn’t it?

      • I think that dropping plans for time spent with someone is always a good thing Linne! And if you discover you need pipe cleaners for a project some time in the future, go buy some! You’re so right, you never know who you might stumble across, or what great idea will pop into your mind at some time, further down the track. Live for today and have fun. 🙂

      • Wise words, Joanne! I’ve gathered and saved supplies for more than a decade, to be sure I wouldn’t end up at the end of my life unable to create. When the Lewiscraft stores closed, the deals on yarn (and all the rest) were amazing; we had the employee discount, too. I bought enough to fill 7 leaf bags (for yard work), and I already had a yarn stash . . . (and fabric, paint, etc.) 😉 It’s sort of funny, really; I would never have bought that much at once, but it was ‘oh, I’ll never find those colours of Decor again’ and ‘that yarn is going out of production and I need 4 more balls for my project’; I’d buy a few balls and take them home, then another few, and so on . . . then when we moved, I started making a list of what types and colours, and how many of each, I had and it was a bit of a surprise! Now my worries are reversed; will I run out of time before I use everything up? (and remember, there’s basket weaving, embroidery, cross-stitch and crewel kits, a rug hooking kit, canvas, clay and wooden things to paint, a LOT of fabric, and more . . .)

        It’s a good thing I have crafty friends and a crafty daughter in law with kids . . . 🙂

        I ‘have’ lived for today in many ways (not being sure there would BE a future) and I knew it meant taking a risk. For the most part it was worth it, too. 🙂 🙂

      • 🙂 I’ve never mastered anything, but the general drive to create is very strong. So long as I can learn and create life is worth living, come what may . . .

    • Thanks, Pauline. I missed yesterday, as I was out again most of the day. And today my Auntie came up before I had my bed put away, then my former landlord dropped by with mail the new tenants keep for me (so long conversation with my political rants tossed in), my nephew called to talk about their first baby, born yesterday) and then I finished putting away my bedroll and sat down to check the feeder and comments (I’m sadly behind on both) and now it’s after 4 pm . . . but I have made a pledge to myself to catch up in some way if I fall behind, not just give up. So later tonight . . .
      The movie is very touching and if I’d just lost someone close to me to cancer, I might have found it hard to watch in places, but it was lovely, too.
      Weather is warming up, so I’m glad of that. For a week or so, anyway. Who knows after that? Some of this reminds me of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” . . . when the earth undergoes a sudden ice age. My sister and I saw it in the theatre and laughed loudly in several places. Like when the people from the States were turned back at the Mexican border because the Mexicans didn’t want ‘wetbacks’. Not sure if it was seen as funny south of our border, though. We have slightly different everything, including our sense of humour . . .

  2. Glad to see you are keeping busy and aren’t like that teenaged girl who licked a lamp post (er…WHY?!!!) and got stuck there the other day ;). Have fun in your frozen tundra’s. If you need to feel exotic, pretend you are in the gulags. Your temperatures are practically the same 😉

    • I remember years ago my brothers (the two next after me) sticking their tongues on a barbed wire fence to see why they shouldn’t do that (after our parents had warned them). I think there may have been a wee bit of skin damage involved . . .

      Finally (and for a week or so to come), our temps are more like -3 or -4C. Practically tropical, eh? The gulags . . . at least I could just lie around under tonnes of furs or whatever, reading and (I hope) having the nice guards bring me hot tea and chocolate). I hear the Russians are evolving, so this may within the realms of possibility . . . 😉

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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