How many Planet’s do you need?

This survey is worth doing. At least it gives us an idea of where we might make future changes (but don’t wait too long!) ~ Linne



Apparently yesterday was Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity exhausts Nature’s budget for the year. From this day forward, the Planet will be operating under an ecological deficit, using more resources than the Planet  can produce and emitting more carbon dioxide than the Planet can filter out.


Originally developed by the New Economics Foundation…who I admit I’d never heard of…Earth Overshoot Day has been falling by a few days earlier each year…an indication of ever-increasing patterns of consumption. In 1993 Earth Overshoot Day fell on October 21st. In 2003, it fell on September 22nd.

Secret Village Festival 011

For us to continue consuming resources as we are 1.5 Earth’s are needed. The US, China and Qatar are among the worst offenders. If everyone lived like your typical suburban American it would take four Earth’s to support the population. To live a lifestyle like the residents of Qatar 6.5 Earth’s would be required.


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4 thoughts on “How many Planet’s do you need?

    • I haven’t done it yet, either; stuff happens . . . soon, I hope. I bet I’m sitting squarely on a half-dozen planets these days, as I don’t raise any of my food, for one thing. City living is not the lightest on the land . . . still, we don’t want all the city people moving to the country or there won’t be any country left . . . I think what you and others like you are doing to minimize impact is so vital.

    • Scary, thinking of it that way, isn’t it? I’m not doing nearly as well as so many of my followers. Wish I was. I console myself thinking that I did pretty well for most of my life; staying out of the city made a big difference for me. It wouldn’t be so easy nowadays, though. ~ Linne

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