Monsanto vs. Mother Earth.

This came out last August, but I just found it now. I know most of you are informed about Monsanto, but this is still worth reading.
~ Linne



A few nights ago I watched a documentary on TG4…Ireland’s Irish language channel…about the effect Monsanto has had on agriculture in India.  I had read something of this but this programme really spelled out just how evil this company is and has been in it’s attempt to murder India’s agriculture. The main GM crops grown in India are cotton and rice.  Cotton is a very important crop for Indian’s farmers. Actually most of the world’s cotton comes from India. The farmers were promised higher yields and better quality cotton. However…the seed are much more expensive than indigenious varieties and they will not perform without copious amounts of extra pesticides and extra water. Farmers were not told this at the beginning. They end up in a spiral of debt from which they can not escape. Gm cotton growers have 80% more debt. Many thousands of farmers have committed suicide leaving their…

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10 thoughts on “Monsanto vs. Mother Earth.

  1. We need international laws to deal with this eco-criminality that Monsanto and others practice. it should be something equal – like making their top executives eat GMO food and nothing else for the rest of their miserable lives and see how long they live. They’d have to grow their own food too with GMO seeds, in prison gardens of course. I hope they all starve. I have No sympathy for these murderers. Why aren’t eco-crimes against humanity like this punished???
    Thanks for posting this one,

    • You’re welcome, Steve. I believe in karma, or natural consequence, myself. They will reap what they are sowing now. My main concern (except when I get angry at idiots like these) is to plant better things myself, so I have a future I will enjoy. Not much use planting thistles, then whinging on ’cause I don’t have tomatoes for dinner!

      I hear you, though. Even with a long-range gestalt point of view, it’s painful to watch. And knowing there is more to come, too . . .

    • Best take I’ve seen yet on that name . . . 😉 But David brought down Goliath; now it’s up to us to follow suit. That’s why I re-blog the petition links. We don’t all have time to stay on top of every petition out there. (I hear there’s one in the States asking Congress to build a Death Star a la Star Wars. When I think of all the real issues that need addressing . . .)

      • Monsatan wasn’t my name for them so no credit for clever naming to me. I agree re staying on top of petitions and I can barely keep up with my eco emails folder which is mostly about petitions or protests but if my signature helps make a difference it’s an easy way to help make a difference. As for a Death Star, it’s not such a bad idea really. We could load up all Monsatan and other gmo demi-gods, all our useless politicians who eat out of their hands, big pharma and all the rest of those we despise and stick them on the Death Star. Then we can call in Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to blow their arses out of the sky. 😀

      • Thanks for the laugh . . . Not only big pharma, I say add big farma, too. Well, that would include monsatan, wouldn’t it? 😉
        I don’t think that’s what the ‘petitioners’ had in mind, though. Apparently, in the States, if a petition has over 100,000 signatures, Congress has to take action of some sort. So this is really a frivolous, money- and time-wasting act. Juvenile, at best. Oh, well; I like your idea, maybe a bit too much.
        😉 ~ Linne

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