Gone but not forgotten

Please see my comment on this; I hope some of you will consider a ‘just in case’ backup plan, too. I have appreciated it very much when I’ve been informed of someone’s illness or need to take a break. ~ Linne

The Snail of Happiness

A few months ago I wrote a post expressing my sadness at the disappearance of a blog that I liked to read – The Great Dorset Vegetable Experiment. I was saddened that Yambean had decided not only to give up blogging when she and her husband sold their worldly goods and set off on a new adventure in their life, but that she deleted the entire blog. Still, at least I knew of her plans to travel and can imagine her having a  great time in warmer climes.

Yesterday, however, I assimilated the fact that another great blog had disappeared, but this one without warning. Lovely Lonnie, The Belmont Rooster, has taken his blog down and disappeared from our community without warning. What a shame – he had a huge array of information about plants and their cultivation and wrote interesting posts on gardening, farming and community. I really…

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4 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten

  1. I hear you completely. Disappearing like that can leave people in the lurch or just deeply frightened, especially if a friendship is a virtual one only without other means of follow up.
    When i took myself off Facebook I made sure to let people know what I was doing and why, giving time before I closed it down too. Maybe it was arrogance believing I was important enough to those in my “friends” list (and I have certainly not heard from most of them) but for those I did care about it was really important.

    I agree with Narf. When things are rough, if you’re disappearing like that you need to let people know or they truly will fear the worst. 😦 And sometimes taking a sabbatical can be what is needed anyway.

    • Yes, I’ve wondered at times when someone was absent. Sometimes it’s just that they are overwhelmed, other times it’s illness or some such. I like how you handled the FB thing. I’m still on it; mostly to play Blitz when I need to relax; I also re-post political stuff and sometimes a good chuckle. I don’t put any personal stuff there, though.

      You and Narf are right about letting people know if at all possible. It’s why I’m planning to give someone my access info, in case I can’t do it myself. We do all understand the need for sabbaticals, I would hope. But it’s nice not to have to worry. I usually begin by thinking the person is busy; if it goes on too long, I do worry a bit, though.

  2. People stop blogging for many reasons but like everything else in life, if we have connected with people, if we have dear constant readers, we at least owe them a small explanation before we head off into the wilderness to be alone. It’s part of the thrust and parry of blogging life and is simply good manners let alone anything else. Even if you are having a real rough trot of it you can surely find the time to say “Goodbye…so long and thanks for all the fish” before exiting stage left 😦

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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