More info on Monsanto for all you bolshie activists . . .

Here is a blog with tonnes of information, along with lots of links. I believe in the quote:

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have . . .  this is a good start, I think.


12 thoughts on “More info on Monsanto for all you bolshie activists . . .

  1. Thankfully we have GMO labeling here but unless you go looking for it… Still, the whole world deserves to know about frankenfood and pesticide. And yes, 1 little signature does nothing, much like a single drop of water. But ask a stalactite about that single drop of water. 😉 How many people signed the last labeling for GMO push? 🙂

    • Yep, ask the ocean . . . I like to think of myself alternately as a stone, quiet and unmoving, but outlasting all the vegetation that attempts to move it; on the other hand I am also like the quiet drip of water that wears away the most obdurate stone . . . 😉 I think I’m an alternate days sort of person. On odd days I’m odd and on even days I’m something else . . .

      More seriously, I do think that as we band together we will overcome. It takes time and persistence, but it can be done. Even living differently is a drop of water; or gardening as so many of you do. Recycling, re-using, mending, making . . . it all adds up.

      I like to share information, because at least then people have a chance to choose. There is no real choice without information.

      • Oh, so true! And why I share stuff that sometimes is a bit depressing. It will be more depressing if we all hide our heads in the sand until it’s too late to make changes. Some people think it’s too late already, I know, but I don’t believe that. There is still hope . . .

  2. Morning Linne, one of the reasons I started growing my own food (other than the manure for my heirloom vege garden) was because I could not find safe clean food at an affordable price. I am new to the US and was shocked at the high level of gut bleeding GMO’s in the foods here. So this is the little bit I do to contribute to the safety of food. Though I am smack slap bang in the middle of corn and beans country.. we even breathe the stuff.. c

    • Cecilia, that’s why I wish I had a garden again, too. I hate not knowing what’s in my food or how it’s been grown. There are farmers’ markets here, but we don’t have a vehicle, so most of them are too far for me to get to; plus it’s awkward taking a bus. I’m very anxious about GMOs, too. No labelling = no choices. I’m currently in Edmonton, Alberta, a mile or two from the downtown. Mum’s apartment is on the top (ninth) floor, but over one of the busiest streets, so lots of dust, pollution, etc. I remember clean ocean air in the country, though . . . I admire what you are doing very much. ~ Linne

  3. Me too 🙂 Your life is always going to be a teeny tiny little blip on the surface of humanity but even a blip can shine…look at those images of the world from space where they saw little tiny individual dots all over the place…when we try to be a positive change for the better, we can’t help but shine 🙂

    • Yes, Narfie7, that’s what I think, too. And light can vanquish darkness, but darkness, being only an absence of light, can do nothing. So in the end, we win! Do you remember that song from years ago: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine . . .”? You reminded me of that . . . thanks. 🙂

    • If each of us signs a petition once a week, becomes more informed and spreads the word in some way (without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged), we are all ahead one more step. I firmly believe that monsanto, nestles, etc., can be defeated is we all stand together and deny them, as well as spreading the word so that others learn the truth about how and why they operate. When you look at the network of bloggers we belong to, you can see this ‘net’ forming around the world and slowly becoming stronger. Gives me hope . . .

    • Thanks! I find it helps when I feel there’s so much that needs doing and I am unable to do much at all for now. I can’t garden, but I can be thrifty. I can recycle, save things, re-purpose, mend, find homes for discards, buy less and more wisely, cook my own food most of the time; things like that. I’d like to be off the grid again, too, and have a well, but have no idea if it will happen for me or not. So, like you, doing what I can makes me feel better. Hugs to you, too. ~ Linne

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