Joy With Beer

For my gardener friends. One extra note: a friend of mine with an organic farmstead added bugs to the soap and water mix, then blended them in a blender, then sprayed it on bushes with that particular bug. (e.g., aphids went in the mix if he was treating rose bushes for aphids). He said it worked wonders. ~ Linne

My Provident Journey

Now, there’s a title that will make you sit up and take notice, don’t you think?  Especially among my Mormon friends!

I participated in a fun gardening workshop last night and one of the topics we discussed was common household products we can use in our gardens.  I love thinking “outside the package” so to speak and learning ways to use a product that are off-label.  In the garden, this has double value in that you can often avoid using poisonous and dangerous chemicals on the food you eat or irreparably destroying your soil as can happen with some of the common chemicals used today.

While the above title makes me chuckle, the full title of this 2-part article is actually

“JOY WITH BEER, and Other Common Household Products to Use in the Garden”



1 T Joy to 1 gallon water is all you need…

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