The beginning of the end

I know most of you are aware of peak oil and the likely consequences. Here’s more information . . . time to get a horse, I think . . . ~ Linne

Damn the Matrix

If you are an Australian, you will be well aware that we will no longer be making cars in this country within three years.  If you are reading this from somewhere else in the world….. pay attention!

The media here is falling over itself asking why this is happening.  Every darn reason is churned over, and over, and over.  Political points are being scored left right and centre.  It’s their fault….  NO, it’s your fault……  or it’s the high dollar, or it’s the unions, or the lack of tariffs, or maybe they were just building the wrong cars and the Australian market didn’t want those cars……  and our Prime Moronster is taking a hit (which is good..), but really, the two parties that have been in power for the past hundred years or more have little to do with what’s happening here.  The fact they don’t seem to know what…

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21 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

    • Me, too. I see it more as a call to speed up preparations, really. But you are already going great guns. Once you have your water tank, you should be ok for a while. Here in the city, I don’t know . . . I try not to dwell on it; to be aware but not afraid. Not always an easy balance to achieve.

      • It’s easy to say “WE’LL ALL BE DOOMED!” I prefer to think that people are resilient and once faced with irrefutable proof and the rising cost of fuel, energy, water etc. they are going to adapt to cleaner technologies and growing their own food. This will happen world wide and the cities and urban environments are just now starting to pick up the slack. I have hope. I am NOT going to sit in the ashes in my sackcloth and weep…that’s not how THIS little black duck rolls! 😉

      • Yes, the human race has survived catastrophes before . . . just not all of them. Sad to say, I think we’re headed that way again. But collectively, we bring it on ourselves. At the same time, I wonder if this is how we learn; like small kids . . . push the limits ’til something happens that hurts us; then figure it out and do a bit better. Then we push different limits . . . Like you, I have no wish to sit in the ashes. Then I’d be Cinderella . . . If everyone does their bit, it will make a difference. Even a large number will do that, and we already have so many working hard to make things right. Time will tell . . . in the meantime, I’ll go on ‘playing with colour’ and envy the rest of you planting, harvesting, healing the earth.

      • Well, thank you! Those are very kind words. You all buoy mine, too, by allowing me to live vicarious lives of all sorts. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I do the same thing because some days I just can’t get organised enough to get outside (and am too lazy or too overwhelmed) but only “some” days. On those days I live vicariously through the energy and focus of my online friends 🙂

      • That’s why we’re here, right? I have walked to the mall and back three times this week and gone to the library once (which means standing on the bus a half hour each way, walking a couple of blocks and walking around in the library for a couple of hours). Not in your class, for sure, but it’s something. When we had the big freeze, I was lying on the couch sleeping, lying on the couch reading and eating, sitting on the couch watching a movie or the news or visiting or knitting; in between I was sitting at the computer, so that required a walk down the hall . . . 😉 Looking forward to summer and walking outdoors. Today was up to -3C, so felt absolutely balmy out there! Monday we’re expected to hit 0C; freezing; just imagine!! Only two days of -17 or so predicted before 01 March, so I’m happy . . . 🙂

      • Ah yes . . . I’m not doing those yet, but I have added some exercises and a couple of yoga exercises to my daily whatever. I can hardly call it a routine . . . and when the weather is as nice as today, I’m walking the long way around to get to the grocery store instead of cutting through the mall to keep warmer and less slippy . . .

      • There is no stopping for winter when it comes to Earl so it will be jacket and wooly bobbly hat firmly ON and out into the howling wind where “3 steps forward, 2 blown back” will be the norm 😉

      • Yes, I’ve walked dogs in that sort of weather, too. 😦
        When my big collie was only 1 or 2 (and even for a while after that), he had so much energy I would take him to the cliffs near our place in town (there were paths down, but steep). I’d throw the Frisbee or ball down and he’d rush down and rush back up with it. After an hour or so he’d be tired enough to go home again. I was never able to walk him far enough to wear him out. When we moved to the country, we did a lot of walking in the woods and up and down hills. That worked! We were on five square miles of mostly treed bushland with some meadows. I still wish we could have somehow bought it, but of course it wouldn’t have happened. And yes, the ‘blown back’ brings back memories, too. Even going for groceries or to the library can be like that . . .

      • Its hard to wear Earl out but now I know 8km will do it, I reckon longer walks might be on the cards every now and then 🙂 There is a collie on the long walk that I just did called Tiny. His mum Della is a gorgeous long haired (although she has been shaved for her own good at the moment…too HOT) collie that trots up to the fence and takes treats from us (her folks approve, we asked) but her son Tiny runs up and down the fence line maniacally barking and snapping through the fence. He is mental! I don’t think they walk him, they think his running up and down is enough. That dog needs a job! He would be perfect for working sheep if he was trained but stuck in a paddock bored out of his gourd is causing him to be neurotic 😦

      • So true that working dogs need to work! They are much happier then. Is Della a Scottish collie or a Border? I like both and my last one was a large Scottish. I posted a photo of him with my sons on the Thought and Memory blog some time ago. All the collies are highly intelligent and do best when trained; their brains need to be engaged, just like ours. You are right that just being stuck in a paddock will make him neurotic. If he were a few weeks old, I’d consider kidnapping him . . . What colours are they?

      • Della is a great big woolly “Lassie” dog but she has lovely grey and orange fur and her pup Tiny is a cross with a border collie dad who was a full on working dog. It’s no WONDER he tries to herd everything from the fence! He has more black and his fur is shorter. Della has so much fur! She blows in the breeze 😉

      • The grey ones are lovely. I think I would be looking for a black one with white markings a few tan touches, like my Zooey, were I in the market. I have seen the blue tick collies, though and I really like that colour, too. Maybe they would let you walk him, too . . . you could have one of those leashes with multiple ends so that you can take lots of dogs out at once. Then you will need a wee wagon to sit in . . . Sounds to me like Della needs brushing on a daily basis. Wish I could drop in for a couple of hours . . .

      • Della is blue/grey and gorgeous and very majestic with it and she has a gorgeous mellow temperament. Tiny snaps at our dogs and is a bit mental and I wouldn’t want to have to walk him with our boys, it would end in tears! I reckon Della would be a lovely dog to own, she is so “knowing” and just looks at our boys capering about like fools and looks up at me like “we aren’t all like that you know…” 😉

      • Oh, she sounds gorgeous! I’m pretty sure I know that colour, but if you happen to have a pic or two to post, it will be confirmed (and much appreciated). Any horses you pass, too – I never thought to ask about them . . .
        Yes, I think Tiny would be seen as a nice appetizer if he’s snappish. You could use another ‘girl’ in the house, I bet. Two girls trumps three boys . . . just sayin’ 🙂

      • I can’t even begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue if we had a female dog here! I am shuddering at the thought! On a small aside, Earl slept up against my head last night and I was woken at some ungodly hour by him howling LOUDLY and it almost scared me to death! I was terrified of werewolves as a kid and I had my own personal extraordinarily loud one baying right up against my head! Poor Earl must have been running with the wolves in his sleep but if my bladder was any weaker he might have been swimming with the fishes! 😉

      • ROTFLOL . . . my Mum is going to wonder what on earth I’m doing down the hall here . . . 😉
        My younger son had night terrors for two periods when he was two years old; it took a while to cure it ant the first time we didn’t go on long enough (bedtime suggestions, etc.). The second time we did and they never came back. I had that same reaction, though; leapt out of bed, wondering what was going on . . . I feel for Earl, but even more for you! If this goes on, you will need Depends sooner rather than later . . . 😉

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